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Slava Ukraini 19 3, 12:48am

I have been so waiting for your cartoon on this.
First Go Ukraine.
Zelenskyy you appear to be truly a servant of the People.
My father a US Air Force sergeant served in Canada and Germany with NATO. I was a US Army Signal Corps served with NATO. So I too understand why NATO exists. There those in my country that ignores the fact with the rare exception that whatever conflict we were involved in there were our allies in NATO and elsewhere.
Strength in numbers. We have our differences in them there lies strengths. I hope Sweden and Finland both join as that looks to be a possibility. The countries are small in size. History shows you don't mess with them. And I never ever want to get on the wrong side of Finland.
It annoys me many in my country support Putin and calling the End of NATO. as former President Trump does. It is a shame.