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Slava Ukraini 11 3, 11:46pm

Not stupid, but human. In one case, there were other things to consider and in the other, enforced ignorance.

In the US, Trump managed to swing a coalition of people who disliked the Other Side. Yes, some want to make him a saint, even today. Some, including myself, only voted against the other guy. (I find Biden's position regarding guns terrible, and FAR more immediate than Trump's tendency to see Eminent Domain, for enriching cronies, as a Good Thing. Frankly, I dislike Trump and think Biden might make a good neighbor...I just don't want him in charge of whether or not I get to keep a firearm. Incidentally, Trump was no "friend" of gun owners, either. Just less of a boogeyman than Biden is, and the Democrat party, in general, has become.)

In the case of russia, putin has held that nation's media in a chokehold for years. The russian people are inundated with his lies. They don't have a choice to turn off CNN and turn on Fox, (or, if you prefer, turn off Fox, and turn on CNN). They get to hear what he wants them to hear.
The human mind is a remarkably poor judgement machine. It tends to assume that where there is smoke, there is fire. Blame someone often enough, and some of that will slip through and color their view of that someone, even if they later learn the original blame was all a lie. In the early stages of the war in Iraq, the Dixie Chicks, a rising Country Music group, spoke out against Bush's decision to prosecute war against saddam hussein, and move to have him removed. Although I don't think it was CALLED "cancel culture" yet, the Dixie Chicks were canceled. Far more people agree with their position NOW, but, while they're still performing, they didn't exactly get their old popularity back. They are no longer an A-lister and probably never will be again. Something of the decision to "cancel" them, based upon a position that is now more popular, stuck, despite that position now being more popular. We have always been at war with East Eurasia.