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Slava Ukraini 13 3, 5:56pm

@Horsi His fell deeds began long before Ukraine. He's a man with a microscopic penis, thus insecure no matter his position, mortally afraid of anyone disagreeing with him. That's why he has murdered, imprisoned, or exiled all of his political opponents, leaving only yes-men behind. Pretty much like his idol, Stalin, did. He has been turning Russia into a corrupt dictatorship with no civil rights or freedoms, causing a massive brain drain where the brightest of the people have had enough and move abroad. The Russian gdp per capita was developing very favourably for years, but Putin's decisions concerning Ukraine starting from the capture of Crimea crashed it. Now with the full war, it's going to suffer even more. This reveals Putin doesn't give a shit about the common Russian people. Just like the tsars didn't.