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Slava Ukraini 12 3, 7:46pm

'@boring7' "Try to remember we were talking about "war being bad" and your response was, "after 2 Moscow-backed coup attempts failed things were really bad in Chechnya (implicit: so that makes it all right to commit war crimes in Ukraine)". "
Coup organized by Dudaev and systematic terror designed to expel or kill ethnic Russians took place well before anything done by Moscow.
So what we're really talking about is how you really don't know nothing on the topic and end up trying to use wikipedia salad in your head to justify terror, mass murder and rape based on ethnicity (aka ethnic cleansing) in 1992 with something from *1999*.
Even on a second attempt you can't get your timeline straight, but you just have to double down and call me a propaganda bot, while best you can do is to find something that happened in 1994. Keep digging.