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Manure 22 4, 10:04am

@Joggar everyone cares about their own life, the point is in history people have been killed for worshiping the way they do, heck thousands of immigrants came to the US because it had freedom of religion as its federal law, it's in the US constitution, I know that only counts for my country (the US constitution I know other countries have freedom of religion too) but I believe it should be a universal right around the world. and before you twist this around for me using the US constitution as a reference to why I believe in freedom of religion, it's not about my country or any country it's about basic human dignity sadly even though "Freedom of Religion" is literally the first thing in the Bill of Rights there are still those who want America to be a "Christian Nation" and think anyone who is not "Christian" should leave this country or worse not be alive anymore, yeah Christianity is the highest religion in the US but that doesn't make it the only regions, but then they use the other part of the First Amendment "freedom of speech" to justify their hatefulness towards others who don't follow their religion which against freedom of religion. those are just extreme cases and those aren't the majority

the First Amendment is basically just 6 rights in 'one'
Protects freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and the right to petition the government

which is kind of hilarious in hindsight

I watched a video about German Pows during WW2 that was sent to the US during WWII, and they tried to secretly denazify them (it had to be the secret cause of the geneva convention) and teach them about democracy anyway the german pows were practicing "voting" if they should have a Catholic or luthern sermons, well there was more Lutherans than Catholics, so the German pows thought they will have Lutheran sermons but the guard told them that was unfair to the catholic pows and they split sermons for Lutherans to be in the morning and Catholics to be in the afternoon, (or was it the other way around) the guy telling the story said they had "much to learn"