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Manure 21 5, 2:37am


Sure I can.
You just try announcing a rally to burn the Bible in the American south.
Or try burning a Torah in one of the jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian territory.
Or burn whatever scripture is holy to Hindus in one of the areas of India that support Indian primeminister and Hindunationalist Narendra Modi.

and so on and so forth.

So he didn't try to expose a problem in society - that would have been the problem of religious fundamentalism.
What he did was try to piss of young muslim kids as much as possible, hoping they would react with violance.
While hiding himself behind police - that he then criticized for not controlling the violence HE encited.
He did this to promte the racist idea that muslims are somhow more prone to violance or religious intolerance then other religious communities - which is obviously not true, as I've just shown you.

So the comic aptly depicts him for what he is - a piece of shit.