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Food Crimes 15 8, 6:17am

I will never understand why some people get so upset about pineapple on pizza. If you don't like it, don't eat it yourself. There are people (like my mother) who HATE green peppers on pizza, but she never ranted and raved about how they don't belong there. She just didn't eat them herself. I know a lot of people are just having fun with it, but there's plenty of people who get violently angry about it in real life.

I'm also willing to bet most people bashing it have never actually tried it. I thought it was weird myself, but then I worked for a year at Pizza Hut and quickly got tired of regular pizza with my free meals. (One per four hour shift at the time.) So I tried different stuff. Anchovies are insanely salty, pretty much ruining the pizza. Barbecue beef was excellent, and Hawaiian pizza (pineapple + ham) was really good and became my favorite. Domino's has a Hawaiian adds roasted red pepper (a bit sweet) and bacon (savory, as is the ham) and is _really_ good.

If you want pizzas with toppings that make you truly wonder WTF they were thinking, look at the stuff they put on pizza in Japan. Pineapple won't seem remotely weird or gross after that.