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@Lumpex Good luck finding an apartment. Landlords in Japan are not legally required not to discriminate due to place of origin and most of them take advantage of that to deny foreigners the chance to rent their property under flimsy excuses just to hide that they are either racists or their firm belief that since they are unable to speak any language other than Japanese, foreigners are completely unable to speak Japanese (and the inability to communicate, or their fear of it, terrifies them to no end). Not to mention that if you manage to find one, it's a bit more probable than a flip of a coin that they are of those landlords who request "key money", which is a non-refundable payment (disguised as a gift) that may vary from one to six months of rent, voluntary in theory, but compulsory in practice (since if you don't pay it, they'll find domeone else willing to rent and pay it).