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Need more drunks

Need more drunks

Yes, young Japanese people think this is silly too.

9th September 2022
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1 year ago #9875331        

We in the US had that too. (edited for readability)

*Tell everyone they need to eat more corn syrup, put vending machines in schools. Obesity is literally killing us.
*Tell everyone to buy the biggest cars they couldn't afford, because the extra spending would work its magic and make everyone rich. We guzzle so much fuel that $5/gal is enough to bankrupt many people, in spite of being a little under what Europeans typically pay.
*Tell everyone to borrow the most money to buy the biggest house on the market and ignore the debt, because the price of the home will increase faster than the debt. Not only have our homes stayed roughly the same size, but even a tiny fraction of people unable to pay back resulted in the 2008 financial crisis.
*Tell everyone the benefits of college. Even relatively menial jobs now require a degree, the corporations have managed to shift the costs of training of employees onto the young students themselves, and the only reason that people don't start their careers with the debts the size of a house is because the homes are even more expensive than before.

Yeah, stop doing bad things "for the economy". The economy works best when everyone simply does what's best for their families rather than making stupid sacrifice for a corporation.

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1 year ago #9875353        

Have you ever noticed that when someone (esp politicians) says a thing is "good for the economy" they almost always mean big short term gains that eventually cause a crash and never mention WHO it's good for.

1 year ago #9875304        

for the "sake" of japan, indeed... ;p

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1 year ago #9875349        

…for the "sake" of…

I see what you did there, Humon.

1 year ago #9875398        

Wrong strategy; best way of getting kids to do something - tell them they can't do it.

1 year ago #9875314        

When the state openly tells you to drink poison to further the economy... can we finally agree that we have reached late-stage-capitalism?

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1 year ago #9875313        

for the 'sake', I saw what you did there :)


1 year ago #9875332        

Utter madness. Once again a right wing government fails to understand even the fundamentals of budgeting. If young people drink less, that's a huge *boost* to the finances of the state in the long run. Trying to get them to drink more is... effing crazy.

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1 year ago #9875301        

gulp gulp that alcohol

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1 year ago #9875384        

The two best ways to get people drinking more:
#1) Tank the economy so hard that people would be driven to substance-abuse due to depression (basically Reaganomics); or
#2) Outlaw the consumption of alcohol while quietly enabling the black market to thrive (basically the War on Drugs) and then legalize it with a "sin tax" and suffer it's gentrification (basically the current decriminalization of cannabis).

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