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Energy Saver 13 1, 4:42pm

@dragonsson Yes. Nuclear power is the safest and cleanest energy source we have. Renewables require has natural gas power plants on standby because their have very inconsistent power output. A passing cloud can take out an entire county's power grid. As such, there are a lot of CO2 emissions associated with renewables, especially since Germany has been relying on coal for energy over the past year.
Secondly, renewables are pretty bad for the habitat. Solar panel farms require A LOT of room, eating away a lot of the already shrinking wildlife habitat. Wind farms also suffer from the same problem, and are also very destructive for big and rare birds. Each year in the UK tens of thousands of bats are killed by wind turbines.
And lastly, every single year, rooftop solar installations kill more people than all nuclear accidents combined, maybe with the exception of Chernobyl, since the death toll for it is a bit speculative. But Chernobyl is the exception, not the rule. If you have to point to an incident that happened nearly 40 years ago at an ancient reactor type caused by the plant personnel bypassing all safety measures and deliberately placing the reactor in a very dangerous condition, then you really don't have much of an argument.

The only obvious solution is that nuclear power ticks absolutely all the checkmarks, and is the absolute best energy source we have, from any point of view.