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Energy Saver 13 1, 6:45pm

@Draxynnic I'm not exaggerating. You can look up how many birds get hit by wind turbine blades. 1.17m in the US alone, and up to 100,000 in the UK. And even though people like to say "Cats kill more birds than that!", cats only hunt small, common birds like pigeons and swallows. Turbines hit big, rare birds, like eagles. 138,000 birds get killed by solar power in the US every year, with Ivanpah alone incinerating 6000 birds mid air.

80,000 bats get killed by wind turbines in the UK every year.

The Benban Solar Park generates 1650MW of power, and uses up 37sqkm. Turkey Point nuclear power station uses less than a tenth of that space, but generates the same power. Kashiwazaki-Kariwa In Japan uses a fifth of that space and generates almost 5 times more power. It's clear that solar plants use up a lot of space. When Ivanpah was being built, the local turtle population had to be relocated. From what I've seen, those turtles did not survive in the end.

So what exactly am I exaggerating? Any of these things can easily be researched online.