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Energy Saver 14 1, 4:24pm

@CorruptUser Calling the Greens Putin-infiltrated because they are against nuclear is quite a wild take. Heck, most of the European nuklear industry is highly dependent on Rosatom. Even more so than the European gas and oil industry is. And nuclear lobby organisations in Europe are literally run by people on the payroll of Rosatom.
Examples: Major mines in Canada and Kasachstan are owned by Rosatom, and Rosatom still provides a lot of the nuclear fuel in Europe. The German re-enrichment plant requires from Rosatom to operate. The French EFT cooperates with Rosatom when building plants. It's a total mess.

And lets not get startet on the safety in case of military conflict. The German plants were never designed to withstand heavy impacts. They also were never retrofitted after 9/11. Too expensive. Not even a smoke machine to obstruct the plants in case of attack.

Even the conservative and neoliberal parties in Germany don't plan to build any nuclear plants. It's all about getting the most out of old plants. For them it's just a culture war thing to have some anti Green talking points after messing up German energy supply big time. The conservatives have been the ruling party for 16 years. Instead of investing nuclear, they had a second nuclear exit that cost the taxpayer billions. One of the many reasons why the topic of new nuclear plants in Germany is soooo dead.

And by now its simply too late anyways. New nuclear plants in Europe take 15 years to build. And that was before Russia's Ukraine invasion, which causes a lot of new problems for European nuclear industry. If you are serious with reducing carbon emissions by 2035, then they simply have nothing to contribute.

Disclaimer: A German Green working in solar. ;)