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Energy Saver 14 1, 7:31pm

@Naga Minor corrections:

> And lets not get startet on the safety in case of military conflict.
> The German plants were never designed to withstand heavy impacts.

They were designed to withstand passenger planes (of the era) crashing into them, which I would call a "heavy impact". They certainly were not designed for an outright military attack - and probably never could be, because a systematic military attack can wipe out nearby auxiliary systems until the core's cooling fails.

> Not even a smoke machine to obstruct the plants in case of attack.

The only military equipment needing visible light to aim properly is the one with two legs but no hi-tech helmet/visor. Radar and IR work through usual smoke, and artillery routinely fires at targets they don't have any visual of. Those smoke generators aim at scenarios like 9/11 (manually flown aircraft having one chance at hitting) or Breitscheidplatz (kamikaze truck, preferably a tanker, a la Los Alfaques), not outright warfare.