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Energy Saver 17 1, 7:39pm

@Eikka So you are saying that blowing up nuclear plants is a perfect terror move? I doubt that Putin at this point cares about casualities. Especially if a plant in western Europe would explode. Russia already lost about 120k soldiers, and the Chernobyl death toll is probably less than 60k globally.

We already had a civilian airplane shot down, as well es targeted assasinations in western Europe, without repercussions. Open invasion of Ukraine. Weaponisation of gas supplies and refugees. A blown up gas pipeline. I doubt the Russion regime at this point cares about a nuclear power plant melting down in France because some "totally rogue overzealous patriots couldn't stand the NATO aggression against Russia any longer" or somesuch. They might consider this a rational move if they think this this might not trigger NATO article 5 and would convince more people that Ukraine is not worth the cost.

And that's only Russia. There are enough other actors that might want to do maximal damage to European countries.