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Energy Saver 18 1, 1:37pm

@MrAtoni That's what people say, but can it really?
The Chernobyl exclusion zone itself has as much background radiation as your average banana.
True we freaked out, and ever since we've been so careful not even astounding levels of corruption, negligence and one of the worst natural catastrophes in recent history could cause enough damages for the neighbors 5 blocks away from the power plant to move.
We put that Uranium waste back where we got it from, underground. If anything Nuclear Waste is better disposed than Uranium Deposits because we choose where to put it.

You know what the worst nuclear tragedy after Chernobyl was? in 1987, Some Brazilian guy spread some radioactive dust in his daughter's room, dust he got from forcefully dismantling an X-Ray machine he stole from an abandoned hospital. 4 people died.
Fukushima hasn't killed anyone yet. There's only reports on one guy maybe getting cancer.

To get your head around how low that number is, consider even after all the efforts of the Green movements across the planet to have new energy and close nuclear,, Nuclear Power plants still generate 30% of the world's Green Energy. 30.000 TW.

The largest Dam in history generates 90 TWh and it involved a bunch of human rights violations and irrecoverably lost environment, Same as all of them. The largest wind FARM on earth generates only about 1.5 GW; I've been rising funds for a biomass generator in my city and we estimate it running merely a bunch of Megawatts. An entire city's dumpsterfire can only generate Megawatts. Which is what your average EXPERIMENTAL college Nuclear reactor does.