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Don't mess with Acorns 3 4, 1:47pm

@Kvaseren according to google translate the dutch word for acorns is eikels
which kind of sounds like the English word for ankles which is weird cause the dutch word for ankles is enkels

want to learn something fun, the reason why the US says "cookies" instead of biscuits is because cookie comes from the Dutch word koekje

want to learn something else kind of fun, the reason why the US calls the Danish Pastry "Danish" and not wienerbrød or (Vienna bread) is cause it was introduced to the US by a Danish chief named Lauritz C. Klitteng during the 1915-1920 and well Austria wasn't exactly popular in the US during that time and I guess because it was introduced by a Danish person Americans just called them Danish

did you know there is a German chocolate cake that isn't named after the Germans, it was named after Samuel German

there is a cookie called the Black and White cookie or half-moon cookie in the US but in Germany, they call them Amerikaners
I don't know why

sorry that's all the weird deserts names after nationality (but not really) I got