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Housemates 6 6, 11:36pm


Little anecdote: I had a friend coming to my apartment a few weeks ago. I'm hairy, like REALLY hairy. I'm not a bear, but someone may be mistaken if they squint.
So I sometimes use combs to untangle my fur, as it sometimes get tangled and it's annoying.
I have a head hair comb, a beard comb that I also use as a body hair comb when needed, and finally a pubes/armpit comb (as I don't want to use the other combs for these parts)...
I leave them neatly lined up on my washroom counter, and my friend took one after taking a piss to comb his beard and mustache. I let you think for a second or two which one he took...

It took me a minute to notice because I was gaming, but his face when I told him XD
Anyways, who borrows someone else's comb? It's one of the personal things I'd never touch.