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Estonia's National Animal 16 6, 4:42am

@katten Oh by all means be smug towards Norway too. As a Sami ,our favorite past time is tricking Norwegians and mocking them for being unable to survive in the wild for longer than a day xD

I surprisingly feel more kinship towards Finland actually. Not only because of Norwegian mistreatment of my people, but both the Sami language and Finnish are very similar, and since Kautokeino is so near the Finnish border Norwegian and Finnish Sami have closer connections than let's say Swedish and Norwegian Samis.

(If I could add a Sami flag instead of a Norwegian flag on my profile I would)

And yeah, I am slightly disappointed that the hedgehog didn't win out as they are objectively way cuter. But considering wolves are endangered across the world I do still think it's a really cool choice. People identify with their national animal more, and I think this will offer a bit more safety to estonian wolves (Also I could also really gush about everything cool about wolves. I am kinda scared of who I become once I get going .w.'). Regardless I am always in favor of a endangered species becoming the national animal of a country.