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Estonia's National Animal 17 6, 2:45am

First of all, thanks for sharing! I have to admit to my eternal shame I don't even know the national animal of any of the nordic countries, not even my own haha. I just looked it up, for SE it's moose (I had an inkling), for NO they don't have an official one but inofficial one is moose (haha), DK is swan (oh yeah disney taught us that) and FI is bear. Which makes me scared, we have them in Sweden too but Russia is supposed to be the bear. Does Sami have any national animal of it's own? It would have to be reindeer, right?

In a slightly evil way I like that you mock Norwegians about that, but you could probably mock us Swedes about the same thing :)
And the same question about how sami are treated exists here too. I'm surprised to hear you feel Norway mistreated sami people, but I'm not surprised to hear you feel more kinship towards Finland. To Finlands benefit.

Anyway, I'm all for petitioning SATW for a Sami flag option. I didn't know it didn't exist but I also never even thought about it so I guess it shows my ignorance. But damn they drew sister Estonia so cute she goes equally well with cute hedgehogs or ferocious wolves.