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I wanted to make SatW ocs base on the 4 regions in the US, more or less how I imaging them being, I did not make Brother or Sister America a region as they're supposed to be the whole US...

anyway I made the South, The North, The Midwest and West

btw I like to imagine them all being slightly bilingual just that North knows the most cause he deals with the most international countries and foreigners

I based it on this

By: AmericanButterfly 3rd June 2020

Community made Fact Cards:

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Sweden has an official Twitter account (@sweden) which is handed to a different citizen every week.

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There actually is a Pakistani TV show called "Burqa Avenger", featuring a burqa-clad ninja who fights evil people that try to prevent girls from going to school.


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2 months ago #9832755        

Something you forgot about the Midwest is that, while we are usually very nice, if someone up here goes psycho we go full tilt. *Cough, Jeffery Dahmer, Ed Gein and H. H. Holmes *Cough. Think real life Fargo

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2 months ago #9832242        

The Midwest is adorable!

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5 days ago #9837837        

the US regions human names
(Brother and Sister America's human names are George "Georgie" Jr. and Amanda Smith)

North East's human name is Sebastion Reijnders Robinson
I got the last name from here #9511038 since North East used to be New Netherland's and Netherland's son
(well not in a canon since he an oc but in my headcanon) changed his last name to Robinson so he fit in with British colonists but kept his original last name as a middle name

South's human name is Amari Freeman

Midwest's human name is Diana Thomas

West's human is Miguel Alonso

12 days ago #9836498        

Whenever I see my fan art get show in preview on the front page I get a tiny bit sad that Sout and Midwest aren't fully shown and only half of them are showing

2 months ago #9833541        

Fun fact English is not Northeast's first language it's actually Dutch. As a reference to New Netherlands which Northeast originally was before becoming a "British Colony" and expanding to Northeast states

Also I'm calling him Northeast instead of just North to not get confused with canon character called "North" plus the region he represent is usually called "Northeast"

2 months ago #9832921        

fun fact North has a star tramp tattoo
(he's the only region who has a tattoo)

2 months ago #9832920        

The states they belong to or states that belong to them

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia,
and West Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas

both: Deleware and Maryland

Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont
New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming
Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington

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2 months ago #9832733        

btw none of them are related to England, nor are they related to each other

2 months ago #9832580        

if they were in Hogwarts houses

Northeast: Slytherin
South: Ravenclaw
Midwest: Hufflepuff
West: Gryffindor

also sexualities
Northeast: Bi
South: Hetro
midwest: Bi
West: Hetro (is often mistaken for gay/bi a lot)

their elements (from Avatar)

Northeast: Water
South: Earth
Midwest: Wind
West: Fire

2 months ago #9832271        

if people wonder why I drew them the way I did
this map shows why

I know it's from 2000 and things change in 20 years but this is how I see them and I wanted to look like a mixed bunch

also, I imagine CSA being a completely different character from the South

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