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Ace Bro America

So I kind of headcanon that Brother America is on the ace spectrum and might be sexually repulsed too, I know people might say "it's because of religious nuts in America" but I like to think regardless of religion America would still feel the same way about sex. plus I imagine the Brother America has not figured out he is ace and just thinks he's "straight" and that only "married people can get horny" I don't know I imagine Bro America being that naive

as for Bro America dating Mexico, one: aces can date too and two she's his "beard" ha j/k

made Bro America using this game

By: AmericanButterfly 14th November 2020

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The Tornio/Haparanda course is the only two-nation golf course in the world, residing on the border of Finland and Sweden. Playing 18 holes means crossing the border 4 times.

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MALAYSIA has one of the most unique monarchy systems in the world, with 9 kings. Malaysia's unique rotational monarchy among nine hereditary state rulers, the new king,will hold office for five years.


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And i also always thought that Ame was just a shy gay (or bi) religious creature

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