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Het Bro Germany

I headcanon Brother Germany as heterosexual, this just a headcanon if you ship him with dude(s) go ahead it's all in good fun I just headcanon him as straight because I don't really see him reciprocating male countries advantage and seemed annoyed that Austra thought he was making a porno with Sweden and Denmark, though he could've just been annoyed that Austra would jump to conclusions like that just because he was tied up with them. plus I think Denmark and Netherland's yaoi surprise would be funnier and I think Germany is such a wimp he's afraid if he tells them to stop they might think he's being a bigot or something and won't be his friends anymore (which they won't but Germany doesn't want to take the chance) I also think if Germany was hetro Sister America thinking he was "sinking her Denmark/Norway ship" would be funnier that not only is Germany not interesting in Denmark romantically/sexually he's not interested in any male country that way

I made Germany using this dress up game

Sister Germany I think could be bi maybe even gay idk

By: AmericanButterfly 4th January 2021

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Finland celebrates "National Sleepy Head Day," where the last person in the house to wake up is thrown into water by the early risers.

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The Royal Navy uses loud speakers blasting Britney spears music to scare off Somalian piraty


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2 years ago #9852406        

Sister America: I know you like ya know, like-like Denmark, but Denmark x Norway is my OTP and I don't appreciate you trying to make Denmark your boyfriend

Brother Germany: I'm not trying to make Denmark my boyfriend we'll just friends. platonic friends

Sister America: but aren't you gay for Denmark?

Brother Germany: I'm not gay

Sister America: ok Bi then

Brother Germany: I'm not bi ether

Sister America: why not? more countries should be Bi, it's 2021 like get over yourselves

(that's a Good Place reference)

2 years ago #9852398        

I like to headcanon Sister Germany as either bi or lesbian, since people call Germany the gayest country in Europe oddly enough

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