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  Enthusiast assurance usually takes a strike as soo KfdggJJg new! KfdggJJg, 2 months ago
  Hermes Bags allonsalevips new! allonsalevips, 9 months ago
  Big Brother Sweden [Norwegian] Tobie_kenobie 8 Tobie_kenobie, 10 months ago
  Fishy Situation Norwegian Bendkabah 1 Jonkaa0108, 12 months ago
  Santa is a... [Northern Sami] Skuolfi 2 Sisu, 3 years ago
  Still a long way [Swissgerman] SveitsNorwege 1 Sisu, 3 years ago
  Flag Day Every Day [Finnish] Swinnish 6 Sisu, 3 years ago
  Bad Boy [Finnish] Swinnish 1 Sisu, 3 years ago
  Highest Point [Finnish] Johaz 5 Sisu, 3 years ago
  Greatest Authority [Finnish] Johaz 7 Sisu, 3 years ago
  Bright Lights [Finnish] Johaz 1 Sisu, 3 years ago
  Child-like joy [Finnish - Savonian dialect] AinoKyllikki 3 Sisu, 3 years ago
  Small Talk [Finnish] Swinnish 5 Sisu, 3 years ago
  The Wonder of Glasses (Indo-Iranian) MyPasswordIsBaby1235 new! MyPasswordIsBaby1235, 3 years ago
  Whiners [Finnish] Lemonseizure 3 AinoKyllikki, 3 years ago
  My wedding [Indonesian] ferduzi 1 Zuperkrunch, 4 years ago
  Too hot for this world [Indonesian] ferduzi 21 Zuperkrunch, 4 years ago
  ICanLocalize translation issues - what is non ICL JesseVoss new! JesseVoss, 4 years ago
  The End of America (Spanish) lavendergirl 2 MormonD, 4 years ago
  Choose your friends wisely [French] jaojam 2 Astroboyduciel, 4 years ago
  Long Cold Nights [Swedish] hejsanhoppsan new! hejsanhoppsan, 4 years ago
  The End of America (Spanish) lavendergirl new! lavendergirl, 4 years ago
  Mother's Day Card [Spanish] SpikeylovesSatW 2 SpikeylovesSatW, 5 years ago
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