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Sister North Korea

Sister North Korea is a rare character in Scandinavia and the World. Like her brother, she is unique in the sense that she covers herself underneath a large North Korean flag, rather than wear a shirt bearing the flag like other countries. In the first comics to star North Korea in general, the facial features were so concealed that it was unknown if the country is a brother or sister. The Little Things was the first and only time either North Korea took off the flag, revealing that a sister country exists. She represented North Korean gymnast Hong Un-jong. Dear Sister is the first time both North Koreas are seen at once. One North Korea shows common sister traits, such as more noticeable hair, eyelashes, and relations between other sisters. She also refers to the other North Korea as "brother".

A big difference aside from those listed between her and her brother is that she has white pupils, unlike her brother's black pupils. Her mouth can always be seen underneath her flag, compared to how her brothers' can only be seen when he either shouts or whimpers. Her personality is very outgoing compared to her brother, taking her picture with Sister South Korea and getting Sister Norway's help to make her brother put on fireworks. Her brother keeps to himself, holding a grudge against South Korea as he makes nuclear weapons by himself.

Due to her tag reading Sister North Korea, while her brother's simply reads North Korea, it is proven that her brother is the dominant representative of their country. He is the one who controls the use of fireworks at home, and likely other services, too. It is unknown what powers she is given at home, being that she had to secretly cross the borders of her home to simply mail a letter to another country. Due to the fact that she had to sneak across the border, Sister North Korea could represent the North Korean people, instead of a facet of the government.

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