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A Bad Day

A Bad Day

Apparently Denmark won over Finland in ice hockey. I had no idea.

You see, the thing is we don’t really care about ice hockey here, and apparently our team isn’t taken seriously anywhere. Especially by the Finns who doesn’t even consider our team a bump on the road towards Sweden, whom they are obsessed with beating. As I’ve been told many times by Finns, “It doesn’t matter if we win. We just have to beat Sweden”

So when they lost to the Danish team, the headlines in Finland read “HUMILIATION!!!” while the headlines in Denmark read...nothing. We didn’t really care.

So oddly enough I didn’t even make this to gloat. I actually made it by request from *counts notes* 9 Finns, which is also why Finland is in focus here. :XD:

10th May 2010

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11 days ago #9384748        

Poor Finland!
Good Luck Next Time Bro!
(I'm A Bit Finnch Or How You Spell That Stuff)

26 days ago #9376561        

We always were way, way too touchy about our prowess. In hockey. Not me, just the guys. Hahahaa....


16 F
2 months ago #9367244        

@BrainHigh Hmm.... Yeah.. I feel bad for the winner, through..

2 months ago #9366165        

Poor guy


3 months ago #9357774        

@Wolfbook i guess fights and curseing


16 F
3 months ago #9353904        

I did'nt know we had a ice hockey team in Denmark(or that they could beat someone)....
Ohh.... And I have a question for every one!!
What would it look like if Canada, Sweden and Finland played hockey toghter???

4 months ago #9343767        

Poor us.


22 M
5 months ago #9328287        

My favorite comic so far

5 months ago #9325291 doesnt mean you means we'll take another round...;)


16 F
6 months ago #9322242        


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