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A Bad Day


A Bad Day

Apparently Denmark won over Finland in ice hockey. I had no idea.

You see, the thing is we don’t really care about ice hockey here, and apparently our team isn’t taken seriously anywhere. Especially by the Finns who doesn’t even consider our team a bump on the road towards Sweden, whom they are obsessed with beating. As I’ve been told many times by Finns, “It doesn’t matter if we win. We just have to beat Sweden”

So when they lost to the Danish team, the headlines in Finland read “HUMILIATION!!!” while the headlines in Denmark read...nothing. We didn’t really care.

So oddly enough I didn’t even make this to gloat. I actually made it by request from *counts notes* 9 Finns, which is also why Finland is in focus here. :XD:

9th May 2010

8 days ago #9313174        

@Xarsor I can see your point.

11 days ago #9311617        

@LightTrainer Yeah, Finland wont feel bad by losing to someone good, if he didn't beat Sweden he will consider it a failure but otherwise he'll be happy with the outcome.

Here he lost to (from how I understood it) someone who barely knows what ice is let alone how to skate, and that made him angry at Denmark, himself, hockey and his retarded pet lion.

24 days ago #9303981        

@Xarsor Well considering we did kick the American Team's butts twice in the last Winter Olympics I think we do consider ourselves pretty good. (And if I sound like I'm bragging I do apologize to those in the States before they start flaming me or reporting me. I was only stating a fact.)

25 days ago #9303302        

@LightTrainer But Canada is considered good.

1 month ago #9297222        

so sad for finland
at least we have the best education and the best educational system of the north

1 month ago #9292388        

...And this one comic contains roughly 95% of the words that Finland has ever spoken

2 months ago #9280917        

If that's Finland when he loses to Denmark in hockey, I hate to see him when he loses to Canada!

2 months ago #9280016        

We won...


16 F
2 months ago #9277740        

Perkele, indeed


246 F
3 months ago #9267615        

Mh, it reminds me when my city's hockey team loses; the fans' reaction... it's exactly the same! (except that insults are more like «cristie de tabarnak de câliss de -..» instead of "Perkele" ^^)

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