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A Bad Day


A Bad Day

Apparently Denmark won over Finland in ice hockey. I had no idea.

You see, the thing is we don’t really care about ice hockey here, and apparently our team isn’t taken seriously anywhere. Especially by the Finns who doesn’t even consider our team a bump on the road towards Sweden, whom they are obsessed with beating. As I’ve been told many times by Finns, “It doesn’t matter if we win. We just have to beat Sweden”

So when they lost to the Danish team, the headlines in Finland read “HUMILIATION!!!” while the headlines in Denmark read...nothing. We didn’t really care.

So oddly enough I didn’t even make this to gloat. I actually made it by request from *counts notes* 9 Finns, which is also why Finland is in focus here. :XD:

9th May 2010


23 M
6 days ago #9135210      

love that confused expession on denmark's face >.<

13 days ago #9130833      

OMG it talks! :O

26 days ago #9122154      

I love this. It is all in nutshell =D

1 month ago #9113690      

So Much Perkele!

2 months ago #9093018      

However the gold medal match goes at least Canada can claim superiority over Finland!

2 months ago #9092685      

@Hellonice2meetu he is right Finland!

2 months ago #9091269      

I wonder how tomorrow's semi-final hockey matchups are going to go down. I imagine Canada jauntily holding up his gold medal from Vancouver and taunting America, saying "hey America! Remember Vancouver? You have to get through me if you want one of these!" and America as mad as a bull, steaming out the ears.

Meanwhile Sweden and Finland are sizing each other up, with Sweden all impressed because he's #1 ranked, and Finland considering taping his knife to his hockey stick...

3 months ago #9065217      

Keep on perkele(ing) Finland!!


19 F
3 months ago #9054312      

Apparently someone in Expressen has seen this since their headline after Swedish junior hockey team lost to Finnish one was "Perkele". And it feels so good to be a Finn ;)

4 months ago #9052539      

He's so crazy! :XD:

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