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All you need is Love

Northern Lights Poster

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All you need is Love

Denmark does not do pretty and sparkly well.

Inspired by this wonderful video :)

I drew it while I watched something about UFOs on the TV, so yeah...

9th January 2010


15 F
18 days ago #9322859        

Island is cute :3

1 month ago #9308780        


2 months ago #9298199        

Danmark looks eerily like Jamie Oliver in here O.o

(Minus drag garb, I mean. Though the pig is possible... only not quite so... alive.)


48 M
3 months ago #9279292        

Dammit, Denmark.


3 months ago #9275185        

Finland looks weird wearing white :)


17 F
4 months ago #9266990        

"Me: what? our bacon need to be happy too"


I didn't expect Denmark coming as a drag queen, but it seems it's a good joke after all :)

4 months ago #9266848        

denmark looks a bit like pewdiepie :o

6 months ago #9237947        

@DanishGirlDK This is now one of my favorite songs ever!


22 M
6 months ago #9235103        

The wold: Damnit Denmark
Me: what? our bacon need to be happy too

10 months ago #9147073        

I love this. I'm now using it as my avatar!

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