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America Has Spoken


America Has Spoken

Quite a few things in here that needs an explanation.

America loves to meddle in other countries affairs, despite knowing very little about the countries. :XD:

Doing World War 2 the Swedes let Germany walk through Sweden, which allowed them to invade Norway.
That pissed Norway off quite a bit, and for many years after that it was custom for Danes, if they were having a party where both a Swede and a Norwegian would show up, to never place them at the same table or anywhere near each other, because otherwise they were sure to start fighting.

Poland is wearing a burglar’s bask because if anything is stolen in Scandinavia, it will most likely turn up in Poland. Not necessarily because it was a Pole who stole the thing in the first place, but because that’s where a lot of people go to get rid of their stolen goods. :XD:

20th August 2009

18 days ago #9216030        

@BadWolf- They're in Poland. :-)


30 M
2 months ago #9186717        

Hey, where are my carrots?

3 months ago #9159234        

Now, I want to see Norway belly dancing with birds and Denmark as well! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 months ago #9152591        

*face palm*
Just shut the hell up America

3 months ago #9152302        

Hahahahahaha... This just reminds me of Brick from Anchorman "LOUD NOISES!!!!!" XD Awesome.

3 months ago #9151999        

@Rachel_Kirkland why not :D?

4 months ago #9143514        

ok, i admit, i will speak non sense like "poland needs carrots" when things have gotten too ridiculous. @TwilightPanther: the "do you speak german?" comment was a joke.

4 months ago #9142762        

@mutant_llama1 A lot of European countries do actually speak German, due to them being one of the economic superpowers in Europe in terms of manufacturing and trade.
The ignorance of a lot of Americans about European linguistics is rather astonishing to me, just because at some point there was a war in which Germany were the supposed enemies and the Allied were fighting against them, does not mean we still hate Germans today nor does it mean Europeans don't speak German.
Also, America wasn't our biggest help, that would be Russia.
Half of the participants during D-day were U.S. soldiers, the other half British (With a few canadians). With your ~300m citizens you only sent ~70k soldiers, Britain ~70k with a population of ~60m. Yeah Britain helped themselves more than you did.
Also, you only sent two units while Britain had four.

4 months ago #9135968        

Do you speak German? You're welcome!

5 months ago #9125657        

Why carrots? XD

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