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America Has Spoken


America Has Spoken

Quite a few things in here that needs an explanation.

America loves to meddle in other countries affairs, despite knowing very little about the countries. :XD:

Doing World War 2 the Swedes let Germany walk through Sweden, which allowed them to invade Norway.
That pissed Norway off quite a bit, and for many years after that it was custom for Danes, if they were having a party where both a Swede and a Norwegian would show up, to never place them at the same table or anywhere near each other, because otherwise they were sure to start fighting.

Poland is wearing a burglar’s bask because if anything is stolen in Scandinavia, it will most likely turn up in Poland. Not necessarily because it was a Pole who stole the thing in the first place, but because that’s where a lot of people go to get rid of their stolen goods. :XD:

20th August 2009

14 days ago #9125657      

Why carrots? XD

1 month ago #9107296      

Just be quiet America

1 month ago #9105484      

LOL Now that I think about it I had a Polish classmate once and he looks like this Poland XD


15 M
1 month ago #9102216      

when time travel is invented i'll be sure to go back to 1941 and tell America not to get involved in europe's business, hope you know German.


100 M
1 month ago #9099446      

@iamjit Hey when you have no mainland enemies and are the worlds largest superpower. You get this.


16 M

Online Now
2 months ago #9099094      

@iamjit, yeah we do need to just worry about our own problems with out causing trouble in other nations for little to no good reason


19 M
2 months ago #9098789      

America seriously need to stop disturb/interfere in other countries and believe they have something to say and always be the "best" country and try solve problems. Get out.. It's our country and we know the history.

2 months ago #9095054      

@Heimriker ... You really need to CALM DOWN. These comics are JOKES, and if you can't take that, STOP COMMENTING!!!


2 months ago #9094100      

Actually Germany did not go through Sweden to invade Norway. They invaded Denmark just to get the airfields so they could attack Norway.
The German transits where from Denmark to Finland.
Danish and Norwigiean freedom fighters hid in Sweden on a regular basis and the Danish jews also got smuggeled to Sweden to be safe.
Other wise a good one :)

2 months ago #9091722      

Poor, clueless America ^_^

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