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The most obvious joke here is of course the American media’s fear of nudity while not really caring about violence.
But there’s also a hidden joke about Sweden’s past. In the old days all countries used torture, but the Swedes were notorious for it in the North. How they turned Scania Swedish is downright nightmare fuel. They would torture guerrilla soldiers to death, kill their families and wipe out whole villages who supported them. Maybe there’s a reason why Sweden is the only one not scared of Åland.

Today Sweden is pacifist, so he only gets his morbid jollies from scary ass games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. No, I didn’t play the game. I let this brave woman do it for me :D

Yes, Iceland wants it for his collection. :XD:

6th January 2011

29 days ago #9115511      

@Bloodblender Yup. ^^

29 days ago #9115284      

Yes, and would by that miss somthing so wonderful! Few things are as clensing as a nice long sauna bath.

1 month ago #9109161      

I played this, wasn't scary at all! But my guy friends screamed like hell xD

1 month ago #9108368      

American would probably be horrified of the Finnish sauna culture...


14 M
1 month ago #9106260      

Amnesia is one of Sweden's many great games :)

1 month ago #9105313      

@AkatsukiKirara The real question is, is it sad that someone of the people who read this's minds didn't automatically go to PewDiePie?

1 month ago #9103938      

I know a Swedish horror game!, Year walk, ever heard of it @teamaiden ?

2 months ago #9096793      

Actually, I'm part of the few that love horror games. We're there but we're not majority..then again, I don't think we're necessarily minority either. It's a shame America doesn't make more horror games. Many of our games are FPS and Fantasy genre and Superheros.


100 M
2 months ago #9095155      

Yeah until you get to the scary parts Americans aren't big fans of horror games......Unless its Slender.. We freaking love slender.

2 months ago #9084209      

Ha ha Denmark like!

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