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The most obvious joke here is of course the American media’s fear of nudity while not really caring about violence.
But there’s also a hidden joke about Sweden’s past. In the old days all countries used torture, but the Swedes were notorious for it in the North. How they turned Scania Swedish is downright nightmare fuel. They would torture guerrilla soldiers to death, kill their families and wipe out whole villages who supported them. Maybe there’s a reason why Sweden is the only one not scared of Åland.

Today Sweden is pacifist, so he only gets his morbid jollies from scary ass games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. No, I didn’t play the game. I let this brave woman do it for me :D

Yes, Iceland wants it for his collection. :XD:

6th January 2011
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5 days ago #9329511        

Iceland really it's only a game

13 days ago #9325954        

#9299853 this was a great description of the events! and how did I miss denmarks reaction in the last panel the first time I read it?

14 days ago #9325836        

Oh now I want to play the game!


21 M
15 days ago #9325256        

The Puritans really fucked us up.

1 month ago #9317435        

Love Denmark' face at the end.
Also love how Sweden got more and more insane. Nice little details like that are what makes these comic strips so awesome.

1 month ago #9316338        

You should play 5 Nights at Freddy's (1 and 2) also check out the Game Theory videos on them on YouTube.

2 months ago #9303616        

Pretty accurate, sadly.


24 F
2 months ago #9300771        

Haha, Iceland in the last panel...LOL :D

2 months ago #9299853        

First Panel
Sweden's Enjoying himself
America is bored
The Nordics are mildly interested

Second Panel
Sweden is getting really into the game

Third Panel
The Nordics are surprised

Fourth Panel
The Nordics are becoming alarmed
Sweden is really enjoying himself

Fifth Panel
Sweden's starting to go mad
The Nordics are seriously alarmed (though whether at Sweden or at the game is your guess)

Sixth Panel
Sweden went insane.
The Nordics went into a BSoD.

Seventh Panel
Everyone's begin to quiver; Sweden with excitement, the Nordics with fear.

Final Panel
Sweden is surprised by America's reaction.
America sees nudity and reacts... vehemently.
Iceland wants it for his collection.
Denmark wants it for his "collection".
Norway's just going "Really? That's the terrifying inner sanctum?".

Gradual transitions for everyone <3

2 months ago #9298573        

Of course Iceland had to pull out the shears...

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