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Iceland is great with kids. :D

The first Europeans to find America was Icelandic Vikings, and they managed to stay alive for some time before they got killed by the Indians and the winters. They called the land they found Vinland.

The original settlers on Greenland didn’t last long either.

22nd October 2010

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29 F
8 days ago #9388954        

Remind me not to jump on Iceland's bed....... ever..... o_o

22 days ago #9381906        

The people who discovered Vinland were Norwegians

2 months ago #9370300        

@wytonic ahh, i see, makes more sense then what i thought.. was under the impression he just washed up on our beach one day or something..


19 M
2 months ago #9367877        

@njnothere Canada has Vinland because the colony was located in northern Newfoundland. When the Medieval Warm Period ended and it was too cold, everyone in Vinland and Greenland bounced back to Iceland.



15 F
2 months ago #9367574        

Iceland is normally happy...
It's funny seeing him this way

2 months ago #9367460        

Wait.. but.. why did Canada have Vinland?


20 F
3 months ago #9353091        


Have you been watching Hetalia? Haha. And yes, given that most Icelanders have Norwegians ancestors, you could look at him like Norways brother.

4 months ago #9346261        

Aww startled demon is adorable! I wonder if the kids like Iceland's demons? Also, since I remember something about Iceland being Norway's brother... That makes him Kven's uncle, right?

4 months ago #9345726        

@Mushies You really do don't you.. i have seen you comment on Iceland on nearly every comic. :D

4 months ago #9345154        

I don't care if he can be creepy, I'm still in love with Iceland.

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