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Iceland is great with kids. :D

The first Europeans to find America was Icelandic Vikings, and they managed to stay alive for some time before they got killed by the Indians and the winters. They called the land they found Vinland.

The original settlers on Greenland didn’t last long either.

21st October 2010

2 days ago #9263799        

*claps* This, Icey, is why you don't have kids.

9 days ago #9260664        

Youre scaring the demons... Can you scare demons? Dark matter demons? How live in hell? Whaaaaaaaat!

13 days ago #9258463        

I agree with mollylollie7

22 days ago #9252985        

Another reason why he doesn't have any kids....

1 month ago #9247480        

You cant really tell "which" Vikings found vinland.

2 months ago #9226166        

Vinland --> Modern Nova Scotia


16 F
2 months ago #9225126        

Damn, that was hillarious :XD:


18 F
3 months ago #9219399        

@DeadlyLittleKate As a Newfie... I have to admit we sound quite different than the rest of you lot.

Bet you're from Ontario, EH?

3 months ago #9213358        

I don't know who is a worse parent; England or Iceland :P (Maybe they should make a baby)

4 months ago #9189454        

Should have said found north america, because the vikings were in Canada, as you mentioned. To be specific Newfoundland area, the name being a tad ironic when I think about it.... Oh btw it's mostly Irish descendants now, and they have the funniest accent, it's like drunken Irish mixed with stereotypical Canadian X) (Just search Newfie accent in youtube) ;)

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