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Iceland is great with kids. :D

The first Europeans to find America was Icelandic Vikings, and they managed to stay alive for some time before they got killed by the Indians and the winters. They called the land they found Vinland.

The original settlers on Greenland didn’t last long either.

21st October 2010

10 days ago #9133485      

Yet he is STILL Sparkly

23 days ago #9125456      

... and thats Iceland's narcissistic side... I love him even more now

1 month ago #9114345      

The ones who went to Greenland did presumably die (they sort of disappeared), but the ones who went to America didn't all die, some returned to Iceland. There is a little memorial in the north of Iceland for Snorri Thorfinnsson, the first white baby born in Vinland - around the year 1.000. His mother, Gudridur Thorbjarnadottir was famous for being the most widely-travelled Icelandic woman of her time. She sailed to Greenland, Vinland, Norway and made a long pilgrimage to Rome. She was Christian and ended up settling as a nun in northern Iceland. The place where her son made his farm -the home of his father, Thorfinnur- is and always was called Glaumbær and was farmed continuosly from the Age of Settlement until the year 1946. Glaumbær still exists today (not the original house of course) and can actually be visited as it is a museum.


13 F
1 month ago #9109431      

i love how it was just like "hey Canada" then he gets all spazzy

1 month ago #9108481      

iceland is a great example that respect should be earned. not freely given :)

2 months ago #9106045      

WHAT is iceland holding anyway?

2 months ago #9106044      


2 months ago #9103015      

The way Iceland handled that is just way too funny.


14 M
2 months ago #9098772      

I can just say one thing, and that is in swedish: Fan vad roligt!!

2 months ago #9096878      

Don't mess with Iceland O.O

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