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Iceland is great with kids. :D

The first Europeans to find America was Icelandic Vikings, and they managed to stay alive for some time before they got killed by the Indians and the winters. They called the land they found Vinland.

The original settlers on Greenland didn’t last long either.

21st October 2010

8 days ago #9310498        

They didnt die at 'vinland' they couldn't take the weather and moved on after only one growing season. And honestly, the whole Greenland colony still remains a mystery, there havent been bodies recovered in Greenland and all valuables were taken, even to the extent of church bells.


23 F
12 days ago #9308389        

Hahahaha I love this comic!!!


15 F
21 days ago #9301843        

Last panel. Iceland has fangs. Does he always have fangs?

Also, this exactly what I want to do when I have to babysit (unless I'm getting paid. Then I try to contain myself and think of the money)


24 F
23 days ago #9300666        

"...and you're scaring the demons!"...oh my, I laughed so hard on this!!! :D


21 M

Online Now
2 months ago #9278699        

You can't be serious. The Kensington Runestone is obviously false.


2 months ago #9278695        

They made it to Minnesota before turning back due to disease and Indian Attacks.

The story that the Kensington Runestone is a hoax is damned lies from the infernal pits of Wisconsin.

3 months ago #9269607        

Iceland is the best babysitter XD

3 months ago #9263799        

*claps* This, Icey, is why you don't have kids.

3 months ago #9260664        

Youre scaring the demons... Can you scare demons? Dark matter demons? How live in hell? Whaaaaaaaat!

4 months ago #9258463        

I agree with mollylollie7

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