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Bedtime Drama

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Bedtime Drama

Normally they have their own houses, but every now an then they spend a few days at The Nordic House where they have their meetings. Here everything can turn to drama, including sleeping.

Norway went to bed first, and Denmark followed shortly after. Then came Iceland who had had a crappy day, so he didn’t feel like sleeping next to Denmark. Sweden who had been watching the news on TV finally crawled into bed, not really caring who he ended up next to. Finally came Finland who had been out drinking in the forest, and had only just found his way back home. He was rather dismayed that he would have to sleep next to Sweden and briefly considered just sleeping on the sofa, but decided that it was too cold to sleep alone. Instead he placed himself at the very edge of the bed, with his back to the others.

At some point doing the night Sweden realized Denmark was butt-naked. He suddenly felt very uncomfortable lying next to him, so during the night he moved closer and closer to Finland, away from Denmark. Finland had been freezing, sleeping so far away from the others, so in his sleep he grabbed Sweden’s duvet. That meant Sweden started to freeze, so he ended up getting hold of Denmark’s duvet instead. Denmark, being the pervert he is during his waking hours, went for body-heat, which woke up Norway. He was used to Denmark being clingy, so he just covered him with his own duvet and went back to sleep.

Iceland, being the guy with “ice” in his name, happily slept though it all, and was lucky enough to get up for his morning run before the rest woke up and the morning "how the hell did you end up with my duvet!?" drama started.

Yes, I thought of all that while drawing this. :D

11th May 2010

16 days ago #9257966        

Iceland sleeps a lot like I do.

2 months ago #9231455        

@stephensager I was just about to type exactly what you said.

2 months ago #9228516        

Love how Finland is sleeping with a knife!

5 months ago #9161094        

@blondie oh


22 F
5 months ago #9160727        

@mrnewwanderer hehe:P I meant to write it as a joke ;)

5 months ago #9160679        

@blondie I wouldn't call it a fish "war" :) since it's a mere debate between our states, not our nations :)


22 F
5 months ago #9160287        

@mrnewwanderer must say that I feel sorry for our ancestors, so glad i live now and not then. wikipedia will give you a better answer on the "history of nynorsk" :P "big brother norway" is already learning some Icelantic ;) but just a little.....
it is mentioned when we learn about the history of our Language.
let's hope it works out over time on iceland :) but if Iceland joined Norway, don't think it would been called colony.
(since both hate that word) and Our Fish war would be over :P

5 months ago #9160063        

@blondie Well, Denmark acquired Norway once (Iceland, Greenland and Faroes just came with the package) and wanted to "Danosize" it. But when Norway got its independence, weren't they going to re-establish the Norwegian language (Nynorsk)?
Well, thank you. :) but the only reason why we managed to preserve Old Norse is because the Danes isolated us for 200 years. Before that, the only ones who visited us were Norwegians and Faroese (and Germans, occasionally) so in that case our language evolved very little because of the lack of foreign linguistic influence.
I suppose Icelanders would be very impressed with our big brother Norway if they'd make Icelandic one of their official languages :) Perhaps Norway could annex Iceland as well? Our government is never stable enough and there is a chance that Icelanders are incapable of independence. Of course, no one wants to be a colony but being a Norwegian-Icelandic act of union is different, we could begin with sharing a ceremonial monarch. :)


22 F
5 months ago #9159727        

@mrnewwanderer I understand, we use both, also in the media.
but I haven't met anyone who speaks 100% Nynorsk, it is always mixed here, and yes I think we have the same accent and tone of voice :)
I envy you Icelanders, that you have managed to keep your Language... *sigh*
Norwegians should have learned Icelandic, get back to their roots.

5 months ago #9159512        

@blondie Of course we know about Nynorsk :) We Nords are all one family. Although someone told me that Nynorsk, Bokmål etc. was a written language only.
The only things I knew about Nynorsk was that it has an extremely similar pronunciation to Icelandic and that North-Icelandic accent has some similarities to a Norwegian accent. :)

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