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Bedtime Drama 2


Bedtime Drama 2

England went to bed first, then Canada. They were close to falling asleep when Australia jumped onto the bed because he was being chased by New Zealand, waking them up. Australia and New Zealand fought for a bit before calming down. Australia then immediately hogged a big peace of bed and fell asleep almost as soon as he tugged the blanked over himself. Then came America. He knew Australia moved around a lot in his sleep, so he squeezed himself in between Canada and England. What he didn’t realize was that he moved a lot in his sleep as well. By the end of the night he was sleeping on top of all the others' blankets.

Neither Canada nor England got any sleep that night. New Zealand dreamt sweet dreams of her beloved Wales.

(Yes yes, it’s the wrong flag for England)

I actually drew it the same night as the other one I just kept forgetting to color it.

15th May 2010


15 F
20 days ago #9302714        

England looks like he is regretting ever having kids.


15 F
20 days ago #9302713        

@Gemnia Because Sister America, like Sisters Canada and Aulstralia, live with their mother.


20 M
29 days ago #9297898        

When my brother and I shared a bed as children, one of us would always wake up on the floor, as one would kick the other off for the space, and both of us slept to heavy to wake up from it.


2 months ago #9278667        

And Ireland and Scotland are hiding in the doorway with sharpie pens in case England does fall asleep.


25 F
2 months ago #9275212        

How come we have never seen Father England interact with his daughter, Sister America?


246 F
3 months ago #9267622        

America takes such a place o_O


19 F
3 months ago #9263245        

yeaaah, things would go down that way. But why is NZ a sheep? seriously.

4 months ago #9247622        

It's like Canada's going"I'm a justgoing to hide under the bed, and maybe I can sleep." I sort of imagine America snoring really loudly.


16 F
7 months ago #9180787        

I would like too see the girls bedtime drama

8 months ago #9162686        

you should do one about Australian Aboriginals and Tasmania XD that would be hilarious

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