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Canada the Bishie

Canada the Bishie

Disturbed yet?

Canada is always called "cute", "insecure" and "fluffy" by you guys, and you are right, but I never realized what that meant until I saw this fan-made comic

In his more realistic form, Canada is the hairiest bishounen the world ever saw! That was something that simply could not go un-drawn, so here he is; a truly fluffy bishie, with body hair as soft as a bunny. :XD:

14th October 2009

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15 days ago #9370295        

.. am i the only one here who wishes that link in the description still worked cause i want to see what inspired this? xD

2 months ago #9353824        

Oh god is that the Hibiscus,oh god no

2 months ago #9353823        

My dad told me not to smoke,its been 20 years since i last smoked,but i regretted that decision as now i have cance

2 months ago #9349886        

Well my eyes just exploded -_-


3 months ago #9348987        

after seeing this i ask myself am i canadian anymore

3 months ago #9343500        

This was disturbing

3 months ago #9340859        

I will never look at Canadians the same way, but it's still a bit true; because of the sometimes longer-then-normal winters Canada gets, people don't really need to shave/wax/remove their body hair until warm weather because we cover it all up with long sleeves and pants. Also, why not create another country, Narnia (and Brother Narnia)? A fun, shy-ish, sweet girl who on the inside is slightly depressed by the fact that most people don't believe she's a real country.

3 months ago #9337987        

Heh, truer than ever now that the Hipster Beard has arrived.

3 months ago #9337917        


4 months ago #9334975        

Not all of us are fluffy, but some people i know could definitely make there own homemade carpets xD

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