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Canada the Bishie


Canada the Bishie

Disturbed yet?

Canada is always called "cute", "insecure" and "fluffy" by you guys, and you are right, but I never realized what that meant until I saw this fan-made comic

In his more realistic form, Canada is the hairiest bishounen the world ever saw! That was something that simply could not go un-drawn, so here he is; a truly fluffy bishie, with body hair as soft as a bunny. :XD:

13th October 2009

10 days ago #9132133      

Looks soft. :3


31 F
1 month ago #9114383      

Bishie is usually not that hairy!!

1 month ago #9106462      

The Deviantart link doesn't work. Damnnnnnn.

1 month ago #9105525      

@ThoraThor You can tell by looking at the back of their wrists. How much hair is there is usually a good indication of how much hair is else where.

Just a handy tip from one Canadian to another!

2 months ago #9096465      

Holy poney! thats what canadian men looks like without thier coat on!?!?!

2 months ago #9095048      


2 months ago #9092007      

It's true that there are some damn hairy dudes in Canada but they're a minority, I think, I hope...

2 months ago #9087957      

So much reaction from a little fuzz...

2 months ago #9085838      

O_O Dear eyes... they burn

2 months ago #9085401      


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