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Freakishly old idea. France thought she was getting this :XD:

It always amused me when people said, “Sister Denmark looks really cute” or “Why did you draw Sister [inset country here] so ugly!? She should be looking more like Sister Denmark!”

Because in my mind she looks like a boy, and not in a cute tomboyish way, but in a “If she wears a baggy shirt people think she’s a hot guy with long hair” way.

To get this point across better I will from now on draw her without eyelashes and breasts. :D

31st August 2010

6 days ago #9291031        

oh wow

25 days ago #9279026        

Frickin' love Finland for some reason.

28 days ago #9277571        

Yeah I actually like Sister Denmark's hair the best among the girls.
I think 'messy' hair like Denmark's and Sister Denmark's is pretty cute:3
I find 'messy' hair the coolest and cutest style;)

1 month ago #9272515        

Why did Finland have it...?

2 months ago #9260658        

Sooo, did they had sex?

6 months ago #9186534        

Omg this is porn! *Reports page,reports Humon,Reports Internet*

6 months ago #9178255        

@ninathenetherlands You must be beautiful then.


19 M
7 months ago #9159222        

Seems like sister Sweden is a character who would volunteer to have sex with Denmark. And if their brothers caught them it would probably terrify them but also spark a feud larger than anyone before since the two characters dislikes one another. Although that would probably end with sister Denmark and sister Sweden beating the crap out of each other and then have sex any way.

7 months ago #9155179        

i have the same hair as sister denmark

9 months ago #9122171        

you should have another comic with sister Germany and the other sisters! That would be soo awsome to see anotehr comic of her! :D

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