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Freakishly old idea. France thought she was getting this :XD:

It always amused me when people said, “Sister Denmark looks really cute” or “Why did you draw Sister [inset country here] so ugly!? She should be looking more like Sister Denmark!”

Because in my mind she looks like a boy, and not in a cute tomboyish way, but in a “If she wears a baggy shirt people think she’s a hot guy with long hair” way.

To get this point across better I will from now on draw her without eyelashes and breasts. :D

31st August 2010

23 days ago #9122171      

you should have another comic with sister Germany and the other sisters! That would be soo awsome to see anotehr comic of her! :D

1 month ago #9109268      

Hell yeah!

1 month ago #9103009      

Well then Finland.

3 months ago #9072987      

me wanna see sister netherlands

3 months ago #9062118      

Finland, always making a fuss XD

3 months ago #9057981      

Both Denmarks are adorable!! ^^

4 months ago #9050605      

A matter of sex or masturbating...

4 months ago #9035483      

French people.... always soo naughty.... Sis Sverige made a good point.


24 F
4 months ago #9031142      

I try to keep a spoon on my nose too,pretty often :D

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