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Freakishly old idea. France thought she was getting this :XD:

It always amused me when people said, “Sister Denmark looks really cute” or “Why did you draw Sister [inset country here] so ugly!? She should be looking more like Sister Denmark!”

Because in my mind she looks like a boy, and not in a cute tomboyish way, but in a “If she wears a baggy shirt people think she’s a hot guy with long hair” way.

To get this point across better I will from now on draw her without eyelashes and breasts. :D

31st August 2010


15 F
20 days ago #9303160        

Finland needs a strap-on to masturbate. xD

21 days ago #9302383        

You have just described me. Now Sister Denmark is my fave female character. Forever

1 month ago #9295997        

finland fuck yeah!!

1 month ago #9291031        

oh wow

2 months ago #9279026        

Frickin' love Finland for some reason.

2 months ago #9277571        

Yeah I actually like Sister Denmark's hair the best among the girls.
I think 'messy' hair like Denmark's and Sister Denmark's is pretty cute:3
I find 'messy' hair the coolest and cutest style;)

3 months ago #9272515        

Why did Finland have it...?

3 months ago #9260658        

Sooo, did they had sex?

7 months ago #9186534        

Omg this is porn! *Reports page,reports Humon,Reports Internet*

7 months ago #9178255        

@ninathenetherlands You must be beautiful then.

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