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Cute Puppy


Cute Puppy

This was inspired by this story of a Finn who taught his dog to do the nazi salute during World War II. The nazis did not like that.

20th January 2011

25 days ago #9123571      

GERMANY!!! DONT LEAVE US!!!!!! Your the richest country in Europe!!!:(

1 month ago #9112850      

@omnomnom, der Führer is German for 'the leader', refering, of course, to Adolf Hitler. Since the 'Umlaut' (the dots over the u - ü) isn't something you use in many countries, you'll mostly see it as either fuhrer or fuehrer where 'ue' is an acceptable replacement if you can't type 'ü'.
Another example you might know is Uber - ubercool. It's really über :)


36 F
1 month ago #9109613      

Seriously, omnomnom? That's what google or wikipedia is for.


13 F
1 month ago #9109347      

what's fuhrer?

3 months ago #9072250      

I wonder; if this comic had characters like East Germany and West Germany, would it be Germany with Multiple Personality Disorder? After all, Germany is afraid of himself in these comics.
I also wish that Germany would do something about his hair. If only his hairstyle would be similar to Hetalia's Germany.

3 months ago #9071909      

@DanishSalmon LOL.... I just remeber about the game Medal Of Honor. wich I used to play in ps2 with my father..... I used to call it:" the game to kill germans". And once we were going on a trip by car and there is a german restaurant in the road called:"the house of the German"((very good btw)) and I remeber that I asked one day:"are we going to the house of german to kill germans?".... he laughed.....

3 months ago #9071679      

@TimMogens Hitlers stupidity deserves the medal of honor

3 months ago #9071493      

@DanishSalmon and the worst is his mistakes was basical thing that anyone soon would notice it wouldn't be good.

3 months ago #9070985      

@TimMogens if he let his generals control the army 100% he would have won, also he didnt have a head pf the arme so nobody except him could make the final decision when the generals could not agree, so the system was completely fucked up.

3 months ago #9070359      

@DanishSalmon his generals were Prussian descendants.... from noble families of warriors and Knights.... while he was a Poor Austrian from low militar rate..... of course his generals didn't trusted him and he also didn't trusted his generals

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