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Cute Puppy

Cute Puppy

This was inspired by this story of a Finn who taught his dog to do the nazi salute during World War II. The nazis did not like that.

20th January 2011

Tagged in Finland Germany

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14 days ago #9358255        

Look how Germany's top of head went black.

23 days ago #9355429        

This is why Cats are better than Puppies.


17 M

Online Now
3 months ago #9332277        

*Shoots Nazi Germany in the head*

...No one fucks with Finland's puppy!

3 months ago #9328765        

clearly puppies are evil.



21 M
3 months ago #9328148        

@OnyxBlack Yes, that is the BSOD. Poor Germany.

3 months ago #9325834        

The blue screen of death... I can't be sure isn't that the screen that pops up when your computer crashes?


15 O
3 months ago #9325408        

The blue screen of death XD


16 F
4 months ago #9322046        

*evil snigger*


21 F
4 months ago #9317581        

No Nazi Germany! This dog doesn't know what he's doing! It's all Finland's fault!

4 months ago #9315320        

This is one of my favorites... *tiny laugh*

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