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Cute Puppy

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Cute Puppy

This was inspired by this story of a Finn who taught his dog to do the nazi salute during World War II. The nazis did not like that.

20th January 2011


15 M
21 days ago #9280711        

I think finns are born with alcohol in their blood automatically

24 days ago #9279059        

Gotta love Finland *evil snigger*


16 M
1 month ago #9273285        

I thought the Nazis like animals...


17 F

Online Now
2 months ago #9269268        

Nazi Germany and his gaz...
And finland who was so proud of his dog!

3 months ago #9255430        

Is that Hanatamago?

3 months ago #9250777        

Poor germany. We forgave you for it, you know?

4 months ago #9226819        

so what happened to the dog in the end (in realality)?

6 months ago #9191240        

My dog can do Nazi Salute. Noone even taught him that, he just does it whenever we do it to him for lolz

6 months ago #9189329        

That dog is so serious X,D

6 months ago #9170205        

It's Bloody Hana-Tamago!!! (Hetalia reference)

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