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Damn Kids

Damn Kids

The temptation became too much. I had to draw it. England and his children.

It ended up looking like they’re in school, but they’re supposed to be at home doing homework. Yes, England is about to smack America in the back of the head.

Australia was a very naughty child, and England ended up sending him away, forcing him to learn to take care of himself. And it worked. Today Australia is a well adjusted man whom most people like.

America was a bit of a trouble maker too, but not as bad as Australia. Well, that was until he decided that he wanted to move out sooner than England would have liked.

Canada was adopted from France, and turned out to be one of the most polite and easy children England ever had under his care.

EDIT: Places like India and such weren’t so much England's children as his servants.

22nd November 2009

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4 days ago #9388450        

It's true, it's true. . . guilty as charged. All of them.


17 O
13 days ago #9383957        

It's amusing because most of the Australian convicts were sent away for committing petty crimes, like stealing a loaf of bread or other food in order to survive. There was also those who volunteered to come, as they were promised a free chunk of land and a new life. England was pretty ruthless

18 days ago #9381590        

They are not England's kids - they are England, Scotland and Wales' kids. England had no empire before a Scottish king united the two countries. Stop spreading lies that England is a country - it is part of the country 'The United Kingdom' (or Great Britain). You don't call the USA 'Texas', do you? STOP IT!!!!!

2 months ago #9368060        

@khorah England's lids were too unruly so he adopted canada


3 months ago #9354467        

What about NZ? We were England's children (and Scotland kinda, heaps of Scots emigrated to the South Island, hence why the South Islanders typically have a slight 'burr' to their kiwi accent). :P

3 months ago #9352202        

@TheChief i would like to know that aswell


18 O
4 months ago #9338606        

Making Canada adopted makes so much sense. We do model most things after them, even if we are occasionally ashamed at what he's known globally for. But America has that brotherly potential in him.

5 months ago #9326070        

I still can't believe how dapper England looks. I want a monocle too TT, TT


21 M
5 months ago #9324077        

Murika has no idea what's comin for him lol

6 months ago #9321437        

Haha America's eyebrows

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