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Damn Kids

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Damn Kids

The temptation became too much. I had to draw it. England and his children.

It ended up looking like they’re in school, but they’re supposed to be at home doing homework. Yes, England is about to smack America in the back of the head.

Australia was a very naughty child, and England ended up sending him away, forcing him to learn to take care of himself. And it worked. Today Australia is a well adjusted man whom most people like.

America was a bit of a trouble maker too, but not as bad as Australia. Well, that was until he decided that he wanted to move out sooner than England would have liked.

Canada was adopted from France, and turned out to be one of the most polite and easy children England ever had under his care.

EDIT: Places like India and such weren’t so much England's children as his servants.

21st November 2009


17 M
13 days ago #9285922        

Canada looks so innocent under all that hair!!!!!


19 F
2 months ago #9267125        

@sneachda South Africa and NZ are both parts of the commonwealth.


17 F

Online Now
2 months ago #9266905        

@RubyRed: For south Africe, her father would probably be Holland.
And NZ.. urgh, I don't know.

@DeadlyLittleKate: You're a quebecker or a francophone, aren't you? :) (stolen is the right word in my opinion ^^)

@America-sama: England was sending his troublemakers/criminals in Australia


19 F
2 months ago #9265492        

this doesn't surprise me :P but what about South Africa and NZ?


17 M
2 months ago #9255973        

Who is Australia and 'murca's mother?

5 months ago #9196716        

@Kakletron I suppose so yeah XD

5 months ago #9194573        

@Jaded_Crypt NZ is a Sheep. More like the family pet I guess?

5 months ago #9193254        

NZ is the forgotten youngest child :(

6 months ago #9188923        

"adopted from France" more like stolen..... anyway. (Seriously there is STILL a huge thing between the Francos and the Anglos in Canada, with Quebec (the largest and French province) threatening to separate every now and then.

7 months ago #9160554        

@America-sama Because Australia was originally Great Britain's dump-all for criminals. But eventually they made their own government and broke away from the empire.

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