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Damn Kids


Damn Kids

The temptation became too much. I had to draw it. England and his children.

It ended up looking like they’re in school, but they’re supposed to be at home doing homework. Yes, England is about to smack America in the back of the head.

Australia was a very naughty child, and England ended up sending him away, forcing him to learn to take care of himself. And it worked. Today Australia is a well adjusted man whom most people like.

America was a bit of a trouble maker too, but not as bad as Australia. Well, that was until he decided that he wanted to move out sooner than England would have liked.

Canada was adopted from France, and turned out to be one of the most polite and easy children England ever had under his care.

EDIT: Places like India and such weren’t so much England's children as his servants.

21st November 2009

11 days ago #9132475      

:-) Glad you think so.

12 days ago #9131346      

I like and agree with that image of India Hellion1982!

14 days ago #9130445      

Quote: 'Places like India and such weren't so much England's children as his servants.'
I'd like to disagree, but can't. :-(
India did have to tolerate British rule for an inordinately long time. It was only with Gandhi's civil disobedience & Quit India movements did the British finally decide that India was getting too tough to handle. If they hadn't, chances are India would still be British Colony.
The biggest problem with Indians is the 'Chalta hai', or the 'Meh' attitude, about practically everything. So, if you have to create a character for India, make her (and it's DEFINITELY a her) demure, calm, and willing to put up with a LOT of BS without getting ruffled by it.
But there's always the danger she might one day unleash all hell when she's pushed far enough. :-|


16 F
1 month ago #9114597      

i would like to see a indian character here, that would be awesome! or afghan or something like that. please 0.0

1 month ago #9113938      

LET ASTRAILIA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 month ago #9105544      

@iroquois Cannot help but agree completely ^^


22 F
2 months ago #9093615      


2 months ago #9084400      

This reminds me of my dad and my siblings. I'm Australia XD

3 months ago #9075712      

It was scandinavian vikings that first (Europeans) that sat foot on north america. Canada and Alaska belongs to Sweeden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and Finland


34 M
3 months ago #9067332      

a well deserved smack if you ask me

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