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Difficult Love

Difficult Love

Sweden may have a...tense relationship with Finland, and be in a relationship that is not entirely consensual on his part with Sister Finland, but there is one from the Suomi family that he likes: Finland’s cousin, Åland.

There was a time when the whole Finland family lived with Sweden, but when he lost the war to Denmark and Russia, he had to give up Finland to Russia and Åland moved with him.
When Finland became his own country, he made Åland move in with him, despite Åland’s protests. He always liked Sweden better to a point where he talked Swedish. He wanted to move back in with Sweden, and Sweden wanted him back, but Finland said no.
Åland tried a few times to go back to Sweden, but Finland kept getting between them, but ended up at least letting Åland have his own house (autonomous region). To show whom his heart really belonged to, Åland chose a flag that resembled Sweden’s more than Finland’s.

Such is the love story of Sweden and Åland. :D

Heh, people kept asking me to do something with Åland, and most suggested that he would be an adopted child of Sweden and Finland, but as you can see, that wasn't what sprung to mind when I read about the islands. ;)

So I tried to make Åland look like he was related to Finland, but had a personlity closer to Sweden.

16th May 2010

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13 M
8 days ago #9386452        

Sweden had already defeted Denmark before Russia took Finland

15 days ago #9382665        


16 days ago #9382426        

Finland changed for the worse when Russia came.

4 months ago #9347117        

I like your comics, I really do but you need to find better sources for your jokes. Sweden losing Finland had NOTHING AT ALL to do with any war with Denmark, it was only due to our war with Russia (which was at the same time as we had a war with Denmark and we did prioritize keeping Scania and the rest of southern Sweden more than what we prioritized to fight Russia.


4 months ago #9339984        

Man,I wish I could read this with my girlfriend right now. This is so sweet and touching...


37 F
5 months ago #9334202        

I suddenly remember, now, the first time I read this (years ago). I played Sims 2 and I wanted to make them into sims. They would have done better in Sims 3, though. All those personality quirks!

5 months ago #9330884        

How about the Hardship?

5 months ago #9330302        

AlandxSweden is so cute. Do we have a ship name for them yet? We should.


12 M
7 months ago #9306541        

The Finish war was only Sweden vs Russia. Although Russia was supported by France and Denmark but Denmark was never directly in the war. Just wanted to point out :)

8 months ago #9282523        

This is a very good way to put it. I think we wanted to just make Swedens life diffucult by forcing Åland to stay with us. Such are falling outs with old friends.

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