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Drama Bear

Drama Bear


A few days ago a pair of Norwegians were attacked by a polar bear while they were sleeping in their tent. They were supposed to be the first tourists on a new rout on one of Norway’s more famous islands, Svalbard.

My first thought when seeing that on the news was, "Well Norway, seems like not even you can be friends with all animals..." :D

And don't worry. While one of the guys got hurt quite a bit, they both survived. :)

2nd August 2010

Tagged in Svalbard Sweden Norway Denmark Iceland

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14 days ago #9385679        

Well, Iceland, who bosses demons and volcano spirits, is getting pushed around by an insecure and possibly flea-bitten brown bear

1 month ago #9374018        

Anyone notice that Iceland looks pissed off in the final panel?


576 M
2 months ago #9370707        

@Bottlebrush #9308335 He looks even cuter in

4 months ago #9338995        

Already commented on in-character-ness on the other one. No need to do it again.



21 M
4 months ago #9338651        

@ShylokVakarian Don't take me seriously, I'm trying to be in-character for America. I'm actually rather fond (and terrified) of Polar Bears.

5 months ago #9332190        

...*Pumps shotgun* Perkele >:(


21 M
5 months ago #9328049        

Pah, polar bears, we're drowning those fools...

5 months ago #9327890        

Denmark looks so scared at the last picture! haha


20 M
6 months ago #9325559        

@SoberIrishGuy "Alright, and we're just gonna carve some happy little trees here in the butt of our rifle, and that'll be our little secret", "When we're modding our weapons there are no mistakes, just happy accidents"

7 months ago #9308335        

I love drama bear he's so cute ❤️

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