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English Flag

English Flag

He doesn't wear it because it's a sucky flag, okay!? Now just leave him alone!! :XD:

31st July 2009
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6 days ago #9339448        

but I love the English flag...


37 F
19 days ago #9334001        

*sigh* translation: Are you satisfied?!

1 month ago #9328371        

The look on England's face...

1 month ago #9326054        

@Mecharic I'm from England :)



15 F
1 month ago #9325464        

@NerdyDane Oh... Yeah... xD


999 O
1 month ago #9325195        

@6ArTrA6 The teacher was properly danish to soo....


21 M
1 month ago #9324567        

Hur. If I ever meet someone from England remind me to make this joke.

2 months ago #9319018        

Why can't people just have some original ideas when coming up with a flag :stare:
We all should learn from countries like Kazakhstan, because gold eagle flying under a golden sun in a blue sky is just amazing!


15 F
3 months ago #9302711        

xD Denmark. Didn't they teach you not to do that in school?

4 months ago #9285798        

This was the first comic I read off a link on a YouTube comment. The I got interested and read more. Now I have my own account!

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