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English Flag


English Flag

He doesn't wear it because it's a sucky flag, okay!? Now just leave him alone!! :XD:

30th July 2009


14 M
1 month ago #9223585        

Englands flag looks like Georgia's flag... Wonder if they will ever get mixed up, and what would happen...


18 F
2 months ago #9215890        

@ireland123 Okay then. Well I geuss that's it then.

2 months ago #9215630        

@snowwolf exactly chap


18 F
2 months ago #9213817        

@ireland123 Umm? you didn't say anything?

2 months ago #9213534        



18 F
2 months ago #9211188        

@ireland123 So what your saying is that the red cross on England's flag is for Saint George?

2 months ago #9211174        

@snowwolf try read it slowly and carefully


18 F
2 months ago #9206810        

@ireland123 That's cool to know but I was talking about the English flag not the Union jack. The one that is white with a read cross, I thought it kinda looks like the reverse of the Danish flag, but I don't know what it stands for.

2 months ago #9200864        

@charlesXI @snowwolf @twilightpanther*ahem*the Scottish cross on the Union Jack is for st Andrew the red diagonal cross with half of it missing is for st Patrick (half is beacause of Northern Ireland) and the Red Cross is for st George


24 M
3 months ago #9179478        


Not to mention national anthems. ALL of them are classical orchestral peices. Why can't any country have a Poweviolence song as their anthem?

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