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English Flag


English Flag

He doesn't wear it because it's a sucky flag, okay!? Now just leave him alone!! :XD:

30th July 2009


15 F
24 days ago #9302711        

xD Denmark. Didn't they teach you not to do that in school?

2 months ago #9285798        

This was the first comic I read off a link on a YouTube comment. The I got interested and read more. Now I have my own account!


900 F
2 months ago #9282732        

the flag 'northern ireland' is wearing is the republic of ireland flag - they aren't part of the UK at all - the northern ireland flag has the red hand of Ulster inside a 6-pointed star over the english red cross with a crown on top - if that's too difficult you could even default to the st patricks cross but the republic flag isn't northern ireland.

2 months ago #9279436        

England's flag is like the Danish flag, but the colors have switched:XD:

4 months ago #9261460        

The Norwegian flag is a mix too, but doesn't seem to bother anyone.. Or does it..??
(There was a period the media was all about getting a new flag, but then they were like.. Nah..)

4 months ago #9252805        

I actually think the English flag looks better than the Union Jack.

4 months ago #9247529        

Mildly relevant.


14 M
6 months ago #9223585        

Englands flag looks like Georgia's flag... Wonder if they will ever get mixed up, and what would happen...


18 F
6 months ago #9215890        

@ireland123 Okay then. Well I geuss that's it then.

6 months ago #9215630        

@snowwolf exactly chap

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