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English Flag


English Flag

He doesn't wear it because it's a sucky flag, okay!? Now just leave him alone!! :XD:

30th July 2009

6 days ago #9200864        

@charlesXI @snowwolf @twilightpanther*ahem*the Scottish cross on the Union Jack is for st Andrew the red diagonal cross with half of it missing is for st Patrick (half is beacause of Northern Ireland) and the Red Cross is for st George


24 M
30 days ago #9179478        


Not to mention national anthems. ALL of them are classical orchestral peices. Why can't any country have a Poweviolence song as their anthem?

3 months ago #9142752        

Most flags suck and are just a cross/stripes/solid colour/simple circle.
Go Wales, South-Korea, Nepal and other awesome flags!


18 F
3 months ago #9139580        

@CharlesXI ya or like it just means something we don't understand cause we're just compareing it to what we've already seen and not looking at the story behind the flag.

3 months ago #9139222        

Ye think? :(
Well it just goes to show whoever made the flags obviously had NO imagination at all.


18 F
3 months ago #9133342        

the flag also kinda looks like the reverse of Denmarks.

4 months ago #9122961        

@CharlesXI Noo. you sprained your wrist?! are you allright lad. you, don't have to do self sacrifice just for such a small thing. But thanks for the tree X3 did you wrote Wales afterward?

4 months ago #9122893        

Sorry Tim I was only joking. I hope I didn't offend you, if it makes you feel any better I just sprained my wrist today :(
Plus I carved your name in to a Scots pine tree :D

4 months ago #9122389        

Well they had the pound for a few decades then they got the chance for the Euro =_=

4 months ago #9122381        

@CharlesXI better to do soo, cause ireland got the Euro and now they are in serious problems....

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