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Ah yes, Canada and Denmark's epic battle for Hans Island.

Hans Island is the smallest of three islands not far from Greenland's coast, and Canada and Denmark have been fighting over it for years.

War ships from both sides patrol the area, and when they encounter each other their flags.
When the soldiers leave the ships they...take the other side's flag down and raise their own.
Sometimes they leave a bottle of whiskey too.

Quite possibly the tamest war ever, yet USA and Sweden have tried their best to make the sides hate each other. USA's media have had stories about Denmark "invading Canadian soil" and Swedish media had a few stories about it as well and later comedians called Danish politicians and pretended to be Canadian politicians.

So far it haven't really worked. :XD:

4th June 2011


21 M
3 days ago #9328182        

I love how angry they both seem to get at each other, and then... flags.


20 M
8 days ago #9325869        

@GalacticStuff Anyone who's played Halo knows that a flag can be the most dangerous weapon ever if you're within swinging distance.

22 days ago #9319723        

I love how they cover there heads as they raid their flags.... I geuss flags can just be that deadly huh?

28 days ago #9316451        


Wow! LOL! Inappropriate level over nine thousand! :D

Danish beer seems to give you guys a real nice buzz.. I want the same sauce that you're having. :XD:

30 days ago #9315116        

i have always seen canadians as better people then people from USA

1 month ago #9314600        

this is how pacifics counrties roll

1 month ago #9313873        

Well your concern is valid hans island is to far from any inhabited location in canada to be of use in such a scam. As well as the canadian goverment havering a plan to a deep water naval base of sorts there some time in the comeing years

1 month ago #9312405        

That island is puny... but could it not be used for tax-free and even smugling purposes?

I mean if Denmark says it's their island, you would not have go through customs as Dane and you can bring anything there from Denmark, since it's concidered danish soil in Denmark, and canadians could go pick up there the goods, whether it's gold (or even drugs) or anything without having go through customs. And Canadian who picks up goods from there would not leave Canada when going to that island, since it is canadian soil by Canada's opinion? And vice versa?

Confusing, I know, but it's a loophole in the law...

1 month ago #9311806        

sounds very Canadian!


15 F
2 months ago #9301342        

If I was there, I'd just walk in and take it away, leaving them to have their little sissy fight.

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