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Ah yes, Canada and Denmark's epic battle for Hans Island.

Hans Island is the smallest of three islands not far from Greenland's coast, and Canada and Denmark have been fighting over it for years.

War ships from both sides patrol the area, and when they encounter each other their flags.
When the soldiers leave the ships they...take the other side's flag down and raise their own.
Sometimes they leave a bottle of whiskey too.

Quite possibly the tamest war ever, yet USA and Sweden have tried their best to make the sides hate each other. USA's media have had stories about Denmark "invading Canadian soil" and Swedish media had a few stories about it as well and later comedians called Danish politicians and pretended to be Canadian politicians.

So far it haven't really worked. :XD:

4th June 2011

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14 M
1 day ago #9375368        

denmark should be replaced with greenland


999 O
4 days ago #9374674        

Dear Canada
I'm so glad we don't listen to them. They don't understand the bounds in this war

2 months ago #9355414        

I actually saw this on reddit a few months back, then when competing in this trivia competition I was able to get Canada from "This country feuds with Denmark..." Thanks internet!

2 months ago #9354056        

HEY! we love our islands here in Denmark and we need MOOORE!! (:< Hans is ours! *Furiously waves flag at canadians*


3 months ago #9346425        

Yea, Wooo.... Flag!
Kinda shows Canadian Priorities; be friendly, and leave some liqueur from the friendly nation to a friendly nation.

3 months ago #9343548        

Of course Denmark would name him Hans...

3 months ago #9342458        

Best war ever! full of waving awesome flags and giving each other whiskey!
We should wave at each other more often Denmark!


18 O
3 months ago #9338749        

Makes you proud to be Canadian!


29 M
3 months ago #9338301        

Important: is the bottle empty?


23 F
4 months ago #9333916        

That get on my mind what happend between Spain and Morocco with the Parsley Island... ó_O

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