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Ah yes, Canada and Denmark's epic battle for Hans Island.

Hans Island is the smallest of three islands not far from Greenland's coast, and Canada and Denmark have been fighting over it for years.

War ships from both sides patrol the area, and when they encounter each other their flags.
When the soldiers leave the ships they...take the other side's flag down and raise their own.
Sometimes they leave a bottle of whiskey too.

Quite possibly the tamest war ever, yet USA and Sweden have tried their best to make the sides hate each other. USA's media have had stories about Denmark "invading Canadian soil" and Swedish media had a few stories about it as well and later comedians called Danish politicians and pretended to be Canadian politicians.

So far it haven't really worked. :XD:

4th June 2011


13 F
5 hours ago #9135112      

@dracuella that would be awesome!!!

10 days ago #9128771      

Oh yeah. I witnessed that.
Twas some brutal flag waving.


12 days ago #9127677      

Let this terrible war never end

21 days ago #9121034      

Whilst those poor would fight to their deaths *bubbly sobbs*
The dog just goes and licks it's ARSE!!!!* boo hoo*

30 days ago #9113513      

@omnomnom I would LOVE that! Imagine being neighbours like that? We could bring bacon, you could bring the syrup and we'd have a huge picnic straight on the line :D


13 F
1 month ago #9109025      

I heard they are going to divide in half. a 1 kilometer island in half...that's legit alright.

2 months ago #9099560      

Best... War... EVER!!!

2 months ago #9096765      

I kinda wish we would fight with liqueur instead of bombs. Why not let it settle over drunken brawls and apologetic slurring?

3 months ago #9066562      

a war to be remebered forever.... why don't Sweden and USA go and make their goddammet war if they want that bad?

3 months ago #9059142      

Hehe, that's one epic war!

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