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Everything is fine

Everything is fine

Damnit! He's too happy to be put down!

8th January 2014
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3 days ago #9341847        

@Funnyface i'm pretty sure he's about to rip the spider's legs off, then stab it, effectively killing it.

9 days ago #9339550        

Finland seems to be occupied

13 days ago #9338055        

second panel is my fav , i like how confident Denmark is and to slap the rest


16 M
14 days ago #9337801        

Finland is me.


27 days ago #9332572        

Because America is too stupid to be stupid.


21 M
2 months ago #9324462        

Then why isn't Murika the happiest? lol

2 months ago #9313094        

I'm pretty sure this is a award that has been bounced around the Scandinavian countries, I recall a time when Iceland had the same honor for a few years running back when I was a kid. And this was with Icelanders working more hours (on average) with less over-all income (on average) than many other 1st world countries. And THAT was prior to the economic collapse in 2008... maybe we got less cheery after that, I don't know.


22 F
3 months ago #9308543        

I love how Finland just don't care about the main troppic often XD


48 M
3 months ago #9300742        

I love how Finland is just about to destroy that invading spider... :D

3 months ago #9295931        

fun fact finland was voted the 2nd happiest country in the world
with the best education at least in the nordic countries with the best educational system so denmark your point is invalid haha

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