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Everything is fine

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Everything is fine

Damnit! He's too happy to be put down!

8th January 2014

2 days ago #9294194        

Finland doesn't even care~ ;D


31 M
3 days ago #9293358        

Finland is epic!


30 M
13 days ago #9287708        

I... You...
...I guess he won this one. I'll just go drown in whiskey.

20 days ago #9283234        

Lol I love how Finland doesn't give a shit

26 days ago #9279377        

So true *guzzles whiskey*

28 days ago #9278420        

Have you made a comic yet about Denmark's sarcastic sense of humour or is that kind of comic still under production?:XD:

1 month ago #9273780        

That spider is Denmark's hidden source of happiness, you fools!

1 month ago #9272372        

And Finland is just staring up, wondering why there are words floating above their heads.

3 months ago #9255975        


3 months ago #9253051        

Hey where's Iceland's sparkles? :c

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