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Everything is fine

Everything is fine

Damnit! He's too happy to be put down!

8th January 2014

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29 F
9 days ago #9385917        

The truth hurts so badly, Iceland took off his goggles.

2 months ago #9363991        

Denmark no longer the happiest country in the world. The World Happiness Report 2015 Top 10:

1.) Switzerland
2.) Iceland
3.) Denmark
4.) Norway
5.) Canada
6.) Finland
7.) Neatherlands
8.) Sweden
9.) New Zeland
10) Australia

3 months ago #9357485        

Wait... Isn't Denmark good in education too? With some of the best schools?
Strange, until now I know Denmark as the happy no one juge and everything goes well country.

3 months ago #9348916        

that spider gon die


4 months ago #9344775        

Finland's just kinda like meh.

4 months ago #9343860        

Damn! That was an awesome come back!

4 months ago #9341847        

@Funnyface i'm pretty sure he's about to rip the spider's legs off, then stab it, effectively killing it.

4 months ago #9339550        

Finland seems to be occupied

4 months ago #9338055        

second panel is my fav , i like how confident Denmark is and to slap the rest


16 M
4 months ago #9337801        

Finland is me.

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