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Everything is fine


Everything is fine

Damnit! He's too happy to be put down!

8th January 2014

8 days ago #9131033      

The proclaimed are pretty popular and a few other folk singers too, but Scotland's still processing


16 F
11 days ago #9129660      

@CharlesXI Popular Finnish bands? Well, I dunno. :'D I think there aren't really new bands rising, more like singular artists are today's thing. Erin, I guess? And girls born this century love Robin. Then there's Jukkapoika, and Cheek always. But I think that if you haven't listened to Finnish music yet, you should check Nightwish and Happoradio first. Not new or in, but quality. And um, Sonata Arctica makes songs about wolves and women. :9 The lead singer's English is a bit tankerous, but it's kinda funny.

Now, gimme Scottish stuff! :>

11 days ago #9129488      

Hu! Bullshit!! England never changed Scotland >_<!!
We have our own bands and music, languages, stories etc.
Does Finland have any popular bands going on right now? :3


16 F
11 days ago #9129057      

@CharlesXI Is that so? Huh.. But I think you misunderstood me there, I was talking about your language. So, what, you gave up your dialect?

16 days ago #9126580      

Actually England never conquered Scotland :D it was a Scottish king who made the act of Union wich made Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England come together :)


16 F
16 days ago #9126498      

@CharlesXI Haha, you read it all? ;D I couldn't. I'm not so interested in stuff that aren't about Finland, anyway. xD I should. It was cool you asked, even though I wasn't too into doing it at night. My mistake.. But "Finland's condition at the moment" would be quite a wide topic, I think.
You're Scot? I just listened to Auld lang syne the other day. Man, it's beautiful. We have Finnish lyrics for it that are about everlasting friendship that we tend to sing at the ends of scouts camps, but I was interested in those old Scottish words shattered around. They have our R and all. Pity English has taken over.

17 days ago #9125323      

Oh, Denmark. You know Iceland needs his self-esteem to be happy. :)

18 days ago #9124905      

So many little words 0.o


16 F
18 days ago #9124767      

@CharlesXI The parliament just pulled through what they call "SOTE-uudistus"(short from 'Sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon palvelurakenneuudistus'), I could freely translate that as 'Social and Healthcare service constitution reform". It includes cutting few percents from child benefits(an amount of money paid for families each month to pay for their children's things, about 100-200 euros depending on how many kids they have) provided from the nation, one hospital department for the whole country which will be in charge of the economy of hospitals in stead of the singular municipalities like up until now, and focusing hospital agencies to largest towns. That's all I know about it, but the Vasemmistoliitto party (Something like the "Left league") resigned from the parliament because it couldn't agree to all changes that would expand inequality and impoverish the families of lower income levels. This doesn't sound bad yet, but usually when you go to public hospital you need to wait for hours in line to get your broken arm fixed. Having the whole northern Finland's patients guided to Oulu will make the lines even longer. One problem is elderly people in nursery homes who are, those who are there, already at the moment very senile. They can barely stand up from their beds if that, and simply can't live on their own, but there's not enough room in nursery homes and politicians talk shit about home nursing them. Nurses work crazy hours because there's so little of them and get paid what hospitals can afford.

Also, unemployment is increasing. Some officer dude wrote on my town's paper that it must suck to be a teen making life decisions right now. He's right, it does. I'm personally prepared to start my own company in case it's going to look like it's necessary. Dunno what kind, but some. I'm not super interested in technology itself.

I face savings at school and hobbies, too. Some teachers had to be laid off a while ago and my friends whined because some of their lessons were cancelled and they had to study on their own. Free teaching is somewhat being promised to us, so it's not fun if it's taken away.
A local church will be taken down in a couple of years and they don't know if a new one will be built, so my scouts troop doesn't know yet where to gather after that. Church hasn't to do with government money, but is having shortage itself too; people don't go to church much and some rather don't belong to church even if they believed, so ours isn't much in it's essential use.

At least we're not in war and our upper direction is sensible people.

27 days ago #9117473      

So how's Finland today?

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