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Everything is fine


Everything is fine

Damnit! He's too happy to be put down!

8th January 2014


22 F
17 days ago #9191891        

@WHOGIVESAFLYINGDUCKS I think he's reading the text

21 days ago #9188227        


26 days ago #9184111        

@PhantomGir You're not alone...

1 month ago #9169076        

This explains why im sad

2 months ago #9162340        

Hvad for et program bruger du til at tegne alt det her? :)

2 months ago #9155607        

This is why we need to form a Nordic Federation/Union. It would combine the best of all countries, and would simply be the best country in the world.


22 M
2 months ago #9152820        

True Story xD

2 months ago #9150942        

Finland doesn't give a crap, he just want to kill that spider. Lol.

3 months ago #9147576        

being stupid make you happy!!! lol
you make my day!!!


18 F
3 months ago #9144863        

@WHOGIVESAFLYINGDUCKS I think it's because he was watching the spider that was making it's way down to them. You can see it in the last panel.

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