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First Love

First Love

The first comic with the countries answering your questions. Hope you are prepared for them not being completely honest with you (or themselves). :D

The bridge Sweden is talking about is the Oresund Bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden. The people in charge are even talking about building a second bridge for some reason.

And before I get bombarded with comments from Finns yelling, “But it was Sweden that-!” I’ll cover all that in another comic. Have patience. :)

17th December 2009

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18 M
19 days ago #9357784        

Poor Åland...

1 month ago #9354106        

(I meant drawl) and why did Sweden look at Finland after he read the letter.

1 month ago #9354103        

Oh My Gosh how did you droll Denmark like that. Its so ADORABLE!! *o*
and Sweden don't lie we've all fallen in love one time (or will in the future).

1 month ago #9354028        

You sound like you've had your heart broken, multiple times, Sweden.


2 months ago #9343751        

@sourgass Let it go man
Let it go xD


19 M
5 months ago #9308187        

But... But Åland...

5 months ago #9300779        

Surely sweden loves his refugees!

5 months ago #9299884        

Poor Danmark

6 months ago #9275182        

What about Åland?


15 M
7 months ago #9270938        

sneachda well...

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