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First Love

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First Love

The first comic with the countries answering your questions. Hope you are prepared for them not being completely honest with you (or themselves). :D

The bridge Sweden is talking about is the Oresund Bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden. The people in charge are even talking about building a second bridge for some reason.

And before I get bombarded with comments from Finns yelling, “But it was Sweden that-!” I’ll cover all that in another comic. Have patience. :)

16th December 2009

1 month ago #9275182        

What about Åland?


15 M
1 month ago #9270938        

sneachda well...


17 F

Online Now
2 months ago #9266984        

Sweden will never admit he may be has/had something for Finland

4 months ago #9224621        

calm down sherlock

6 months ago #9179901        

@DanishSalmon Begge to. Plus Tyskland.

6 months ago #9176654        

about Øresundsbroen is it sweden or denmark that was in charge of building it?


25 F
7 months ago #9161234        

"The bridge is just a bridge" I will never get the thought that Öresundsbron is a giant penis out of my head.

8 months ago #9137002        

Their talking about the Oresund bridge @livingbird it only connects to Sweden and Denmark so naturally Norway doesn't need to be there
But I just feel like giving a good old Scottish man hug!

9 months ago #9128442        

Sweden being Sweden and Denmark needing a hug.
Hey Norway, were are you?

9 months ago #9122015        

@wishey Aland isn't a character yet. This one is from really early in the series. But no, if he were there he would totally disagree.

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