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The G7 in Gacha life

Fan Art

The G7 in Gacha life

I always wanted to do something with G7 nations
anyway, I made them in Gacha life, I had to use paint to color their clothes sense the game only does two colors for clothing!

anyway, the G7 is, Germany, the US, Canada, France, The UK (represented by England cause sadly there is no official UK character in SatW), Japan, and Italy.

I made it boy, girl, boy, girl

fun fact the G7 used to be called the "library group" which was just, US, UK. France, Japan, and Germany (who was West Germany back then) also known as G5 then Italy was invented and it became G6 and then Canada was invited and it became G7 then Russia was invited and it was G8 until Russia got kicked out and became the G7 again

By: AmericanButterfly 25th June 2021

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A myth in Germany states that "German almost became official language of the USA". Actually there was a petition on having the laws written in German beside English, which was rejected by 1 vote.

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Victorian pudding: Before the Victorian times the christmas pudding was actual a staple of the British diet, it was a way of preserving meat, and was only became confectiony during Victorian times.


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3 years ago #9859556        

"then Russia was invited and it was G8 until Russia got kicked out and became the G7 again"
I don't cry, those are just tears ಥ‿ಥ

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3 years ago #9859523        

it looks bigger if you open it up in a new tab
also I tried to make Sister America boobs look bigger and fake but it ended up looking to weird on gacha and ruining the character so I just left her boobs the way they were

the only Bret or what looked like a Bret had a bow on it (the other one had some string) I thought it was cute so I let France have a cute bow

gacha life has no facial hair so I had draw it on myself

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3 years ago #9860345        

Sister Russia, not Brother Russia was the 8th member but she got kicked out of the club in 2014, and Queen Europe took her place as the 39th host which was supposed to be held in Russia but because she was kicked out a month before the meeting was scheduled they went to Queen Europe's place in Brussels

oh and because the UK is four countries, England only sometimes represents, it depends on which country is hosting example the 31st G8 meeting in 2005 was hosted in Glasco Scotland, so Scotland, not England was in the meeting

which was the year before Sister Russia had her first and only turn as hosting a G8 meeting in 2006

(England was a bit busy that day anyway, but sometimes if the meeting is in another country he'll send another British country but most of the time he goes, it depends on what country the prime mister was born in)

1975-1996 England went to the meeting

1997-2010 Scotland went to the meetings
(Britian had two Scottish born prime ministers in a row)
(though 1998 meeting was still hosted at England's place)

then another English-born prime minister got elected and England regain his place as a member of the club

and be "representing the UK in the meeting" since 2011 today
2013 was hosted in Northern Ireland

poor Wales never had a meeting

3 years ago #9860065        

which Nordic (plus Aland and Faroes to make it 7) they team up with

Germany: Finland
Sister America: Iceland
Canada: Norway
France: Sweden
England: Faroe Islands
Sister Japan: Denmark
Italy: Åland

now let's see what team will win, last team on the wheel wins

the first team to be eliminated is


The second team to be eliminated is
Sister America: Iceland

The third team to be eliminated is
England: Faroe Islands

the fourth team to be eliminated is
Italy: Åland

the Fifth team to be eliminated is
Sister Japan: Denmark

The last two teams left who will be the sixth team to be eliminated

the sixth and final team to be eliminated is
Canada: Norway

meaning that
France: Sweden is the winner

3 years ago #9860064        

Let's see what Eevee evolutions they get using a name wheel

Germany: Glaceon
Sister America: Umbreon
Canada: Vaporeon
France: Sylveon
England: Flareon
Sister Japan: Leafeon
Italy: Espeaon

I guess Sister Russia would own a Jolteon

3 years ago #9860046        

what Hogwarts house they are in order used by name wheel

Germany: Ravenclaw
Sister America: Gryffindor
Canada: Hufflepuff
France: Gryffindor
England: Ravenclaw
Sister Japan: Hufflepuff
Italy: Slytherin

(ok Slytherin wasn't the first or even third choice the wheel picked but I really get Slytherin vibes from SatW bro Italy so I made him a Slytherin)

since this boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, Sister Russia would be next in line and I see her as Slytherin
(that way their two of each house)

maybe there's another G7 version where genders are switch
Sister Germany, Brother America, Sister Canada, Brother France, Sister England, Brother Japan, Sister England, and even though their not a canon version Sister Italy

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