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For Realz!

For Realz!

Music in the background of the last picture :XD:

Anyway, the first picture refers to these videos

The snowman is a reference to a man in Sweden who got trapped in his car without food during a snowstorm and was found two months later, weak but still alive. How did he survive? By eating "a bit of snow".

13th March 2012

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42 M
2 days ago #9391456        

I have made snow icecream... it's quite good, but doesn't last long... in that, in Texas it melts fast.


666 F
7 days ago #9389204        

Of course every swede eats snow! I mean, i know i did when i was younger. Sure, i ended up getting pneumonia soon after but it was worth it. I guess...

22 days ago #9381340        

IKEA meatballs?

2 months ago #9368047        

i imagine aland to to have a kinda nerdy voice combined with the accent and it's just funny.



16 M
2 months ago #9360863        

I was sitting listening to 50 cent while I read this, it's way too fitting......

3 months ago #9350721        


5 months ago #9333379        

Three pale-ass white dudes, acting gangsta. :D The gold tooth was a nice touch.

5 months ago #9329374        

Me neither


15 F
5 months ago #9327435        

Can't find the music video T^T


15 M
6 months ago #9320701        

Gangsta Sweden

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