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For Realz!


For Realz!

Music in the background of the last picture :XD:

Anyway, the first picture refers to these videos

The snowman is a reference to a man in Sweden who got trapped in his car without food during a snowstorm and was found two months later, weak but still alive. How did he survive? By eating "a bit of snow".

13th March 2012


39 M
6 days ago #9131970      

I actually live close to where he was hiding. He was actually a regular at the local store buying food up until the winter came.

13 days ago #9127702      

I love my country XD


14 M
1 month ago #9106343      

Swedes: Strong people!

1 month ago #9102465      

Snowmen, really?

2 months ago #9099620      

*Finishes reading*
Never thought I would see he day...
I thought only in people in America dressed that silly ^_^


14 M
2 months ago #9099603      

The man wanted to live in the car over the winter, he had actually things like energy drinks and energy bars.

2 months ago #9096708      

*sniffles* Proud of my ancestors....T^T <3

2 months ago #9096649      

@sherry006 i thing too :D

2 months ago #9076418      

Sweden - ripped for your pleasure

3 months ago #9073881      

wow i dint know swedes were like that, my respect for them jost tripled!

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