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For Realz!

For Realz!

Music in the background of the last picture :XD:

Anyway, the first picture refers to these videos

The snowman is a reference to a man in Sweden who got trapped in his car without food during a snowstorm and was found two months later, weak but still alive. How did he survive? By eating "a bit of snow".

13th March 2012
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23 days ago #9333379        

Three pale-ass white dudes, acting gangsta. :D The gold tooth was a nice touch.

1 month ago #9329374        

Me neither


15 F
1 month ago #9327435        

Can't find the music video T^T


15 M
2 months ago #9320701        

Gangsta Sweden


3 months ago #9299510        

theyre soooo gay XD

3 months ago #9296128        

Dafaq 0_o

4 months ago #9287170        


I know what it's like to be trapped. Could someone close those 5,092,193 tabs of TV Tropes I have open?


48 M
4 months ago #9280177        

Oh God... now I'm hooked on watching Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time. Leave me, save yourselves!

4 months ago #9277968        

I laughed my back off at the last picture:XD::XD::XD::XD::XD:


21 F
5 months ago #9263303        

fuuuuuuuuu! where´s the "like" button when you need it hahahahhahaha

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