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Friendship Flag

Friendship Flag

Damn you Southern States for using the idea first!!

15th November 2011

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17 days ago #9357344        

My maternal grandparents were both from Norway, and their nationality was always very important to them, so I have always considered it part of my identity. I may live in America, but many of us grew up with people from other countries who kept their cultures as a prominent aspect of their lives. I know other countries find it weird, but it is a source of pride for us, and a way to stay connected to family that is still in that other country. cost to travel out of the US is astronomical, so we may never see where our grandparents or parents married, meet cousins or see where our family members were born. Anyway, just my two cents on the heritage factor. It really isn't done to be disrespectful or anything; we are taught from early on that our ancestry is vital to who we are.

27 days ago #9353796        

@ddwiseman: That isn't incorrect. It's pretty universal. An American might be annoyed with his country at home, but move away and he will feel its absence quite profoundly.
Still, it's extra noticeable in the US, because its culture is very young.

2 months ago #9343623        

Why not just add stars to the blue stripes in the Norwegian flag?

3 months ago #9333386        

Never could figure out why, exactly. I think preserving and refining one's (non-US) cultural heritage in the US is overcompensation for the distance from the source - two oceans, unless you live in a border state, and even then it's a hassle to get back for the holidays. I recall hearing a story about that actor in Fargo (movie, not the TV show) going on road trips on his off days, and being impressed by how more Scandinavian the US could be than Scandinavia... or something like that.



16 M
3 months ago #9331442        


I'm pretty sure that is Texas...

EDIT: Nope, it's actually the flag for the Confederate States of America.

3 months ago #9329487        

I know what flag is that anyway I'm studying flags is my hobby but I forgot


21 M
3 months ago #9328188        

You have to admit, they had a good flag...

3 months ago #9327811        

Oh my, how did that happen? All countries should have a friendship flag!
Uhmmmm..... maybe not like that one though.....


20 M
3 months ago #9325887        

We have our not so proud moments of history. I can think of quite a few things from the Civil War, WW2, and the Cold War that we've done that makes me cringe.


999 M
3 months ago #9325273        

Everybody in america with "son" in their last name (Johnson, Anderson or others) has ancestors from the northern regions ^^

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