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Friendship Flag


Friendship Flag

Damn you Southern States for using the idea first!!

15th November 2011


18 M
5 days ago #9135090      

It's kind of a shame that flag has the connotation it does. From an aesthetic prespective, (at least I think) It's pretty cool. Well, cooler than all the gazillion tri-bar flags anyway (i mean seriously, youd think a flag is something you'd want to be unique...)


100 M
17 days ago #9127755      

In the North we see that flag as racist. In the south they think of it as "Southern Pride"

1 month ago #9117424      

Gosh darn those fancy jimm jamms *twitch*

1 month ago #9110164      

I saw that coming... xD

1 month ago #9109696      

it is the thought that counts


16 M
2 months ago #9102942      

God, i get tired of idiots flying that flag down here

2 months ago #9099567      

lol well she did try ^_^"

2 months ago #9094408      


My uncle is a yankee and freaks out anytime he sees it XD

My neighbor flies it openly in his front yard. I view it as a symbol of regional pride.

2 months ago #9093894      

I'm aware of that, i find it sorta annoying as a northerner living in the south to see it. But yeah no need to teach you about the south, my bad.

2 months ago #9093809      


I live in the deep south, we fly it all of the time. I know what my regions flag looks like.

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