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Friendship Flag


Friendship Flag

Damn you Southern States for using the idea first!!

15th November 2011

3 days ago #9277945        

Which flag is that?

15 days ago #9272265        

Hey look! The Reb Flag! Confederate flag looks better.
Here's a random piece of information! If anyone waves this flag, it's a sign of racism. If you wave the real confederate flag, you are showing Southern pride.

1 month ago #9265924        

I'll bet Humon had no idea what she was getting into when she put this comic up~ :P

But I'll put in my own two cents. I tend to be kind of torn when it comes to this subject, being someone who was born and bred in the South, but had a Yankee mother and later moved to the North. Honestly, I think the Civil War was about whatever the people fighting in it wanted it to be about. The Northerners fought to free the slaves, the Southerners fought to preserve their way of life. Whether either side was right or wrong is not for me to judge (although I think we'll all agree that slavery is wrong). That flag means different things to different people, and if you see it flying proudly in the Southern breeze, don't immediately assume the person flying it is a white supremacist. For some people it's just as synonymous with liberty as the "drinking gourd" the black slaves followed to freedom.

4 months ago #9219904        

i recently went to "The Empire State Of The South" (a.k.a Georgia), and when i was down their (which was 1 week) i had counted 19-26 CSA flags, and very few people down there openly admitted that they believed that the black should be slave's again. and some has stated they believed in "White Power" and actual my cousins house is located where KKK members would meet. so the the CSA pride is still their but in some people it become Harry Turtlrdove CSA of would war 2. so yeah that it "FREEDOM!"

note I'm am a mix between a Latino father and a white mother so i do not believe in white or any one supremacy, well except human and american supremacy. MERIKA

4 months ago #9209798        

Some things for international readers about our Civil War
1. It was about slavery, plain and simple. If someone says it was about "states' rights", ask them what rights they mean. It certainly wasn't about self governance, or taxes, or tariffs. It was about protecting a system that was ingrained into the economy and culture of the Southern States, which was known as SLAVERY. It was about paranoia over those slaves being taken away (even though Lincoln promised to let slavery alone where it was. Shows you a good view of the idiocy of Confederate leaders).
2. When they says history is written by the winners, they haven't met us. Most Confederate leaders were allowed to go back home, but were barred from voting or holding public office, so they spent their time writing. Jefferson Davis, Jubal Early, and other leading Confederates complained bitterly how they were right all along, how it was Longstreet's fault (they hated how he became friends with Ulysses Grant after the war), or Pickett's fault, or the Confederacy was only beaten down by Union manpower, not by military skill. This view is called "The Lost Cause", and it is prevalent in such works as "Birth of Nation" and"Gone with the Wind".

Union now and forever, one and inseparable!

6 months ago #9162605        

Southern secession was not about slavery for most people. I was born in a Texas county that sent more troops to the Confederate lines than any other. Just outside my town, a volunteer regiment sprang up that was probably a good percentage of the male population, as we still are a rural area.

The FACT is that most Southerners could not afford slaves, regardless of their moral views. They weren't risking their lives -- the chance to ever return to their farms, their families, and their spouses -- just to keep someone else down. The slave helped the planter class have an aristocratic advantage, so why would the poor yeoman have any interest in propping up the competition's cheap labor?

The biggest role slavery played was that abolitionist furor was given safe-haven in the North. In 1860, two Northerners and a black woman burned downtown Henderson, TX. Proportionally-speaking, the devastation was probably commensurate with the World Trade Center bombing. 19th or 21st century, that kind of behavior tends to not be taken lightly.

6 months ago #9154001        

It's rather disappointing when you go to college and learn from experts like Dr. James Robertson and realize that almost all the history we learned in elementary, middle, and high school was so skewed or incorrect. Perhaps most so with the Civil war. As they say, history is written by the victors.

I imagine everyone else is either getting a kick out of watching all of us writing in our opinion, or perhaps now thoroughly annoyed.

7 months ago #9150989        

txag70 Freedom of speech is one thing. But downright worshipping traitors is an entirely different matter. USA won the RW so we get to be proud, although I'm not. The CSA were traitors who held immoral beliefs and would have destroyed the Union our fore-fathers fought to build. The stars and bars is a sign of destruction and evil. So any truly loyal American SHOULD be offended at its sight. They lost we won, time for them to just shut their mouths about the south rising again, it's never going to happen. At least the Nazis built up the German economy before committing their heinous act. The CSA just didn't want to follow the law and claimed to be patriots of the south. They don't reserve respect or tolerance.


19 M
7 months ago #9144592        

Ok, those that equate the Confederacy with Nazis are making a comparison they really shouldn't. The entire US Civil war killed about 750,000 people put together, north and south. 6,000,000 Jews alone, ignoring all other war casualties and other non-jews sent to death camps, were killed by the Nazis. I don't get offended by the Stars and Bars. Yes, slavery is immoral, abhorrent, and evil. And its a damn shame that it took a war to end it (yes, the war was fought about other things but slavery was a big part of it), where in almost all other countries slavery was abolished peacefully. But the CSA wasn't deliberately sending blacks off to concentration/death camps to eliminate their race from the face of the earth. The Confederate flag has a lot of cultural meaning to those that live in the Southern USA, and I don't get offended when I see it, although I can understand how blacks can be offended by it. But still, I'd rather preserve freedom of speech and let the Stars and Bars be plastered to the back of pickup trucks all across the south.

7 months ago #9143447        

agreed, william. some will see that flag in the same light as the nazi swastika. unless the person is clearly being a bigot or racist, i wont freak out over it.

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