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Friendship Flag

Friendship Flag

Damn you Southern States for using the idea first!!

15th November 2011

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13 days ago #9383808        

Too funny for words now that the USA has *solved* their race problem by banning the Confederate Battle Flag.
Illogically, the flag of the Confederate States of America remains legal.


25 M
21 days ago #9380178        

@AmericanGrammerSucks it is the confederate battle flag though, and the one that is mostly white was the second version of the confederate flag

21 days ago #9379669        

that's actually not the Confederate flag. that is the top left corner and then the rest is white.

28 days ago #9375843        

@Zeust, that's his personality and appearance.


28 days ago #9375842        

Ugh, the Confederate Flag!

1 month ago #9373799        

When I visited my grandmother in the German countryside, she had that flag on her house to welcome my family. I'm not joking.

1 month ago #9372743        

If this were to happen irl, definitely have it as the norwegian flag with a blue field in the upper left with stars in it... perfect mix of the countries' flags :D


576 M
1 month ago #9372155        

Also why is Ottowa confused all the time?


576 M
1 month ago #9372154        

@AwesomeNorseAmerican #9343623 Exactly what I was thinking. Also maybe replace two of the red rectangles with red and white stripes like in the American flag. And of course take care that the number of stripes and stars matches the number of states in the USA : )

2 months ago #9368030        

why dont we take the stars... and put them in the leftmost red spot? problem solved!

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