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Friendship Flag

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Friendship Flag

Damn you Southern States for using the idea first!!

15th November 2011


16 F
1 hour ago #9294492        

Since I'm from South Carolina, the first state to succeed from the Union, this flag gives me almost as bad of a feeling as the Nazi flag gives German people.


17 M
11 days ago #9288269        

@ShylockVakarian :D Think it's just my bad luck, I tend to bump into the questionable ones.

13 days ago #9287167        


I'll be your friend! :3

14 days ago #9286196        

Don't you dare use that flag. EVER!


17 M
20 days ago #9281734        

@KofodDane, yeah, it's pretty bad

Bible belt people. Guns, Jesus and Racism. I don't get on well with those I speak with from their. Avatars face sums it up.

21 days ago #9281655        

@butler Oh.


17 M
21 days ago #9281203        

@KofodDane The confederate flag, during the american civil war. Forever connected to people wanting to retain slavery, racism and white supremecy. Think KKK, and you get the ideas connected with it

27 days ago #9277945        

Which flag is that?

1 month ago #9272265        

Hey look! The Reb Flag! Confederate flag looks better.
Here's a random piece of information! If anyone waves this flag, it's a sign of racism. If you wave the real confederate flag, you are showing Southern pride.

2 months ago #9265924        

I'll bet Humon had no idea what she was getting into when she put this comic up~ :P

But I'll put in my own two cents. I tend to be kind of torn when it comes to this subject, being someone who was born and bred in the South, but had a Yankee mother and later moved to the North. Honestly, I think the Civil War was about whatever the people fighting in it wanted it to be about. The Northerners fought to free the slaves, the Southerners fought to preserve their way of life. Whether either side was right or wrong is not for me to judge (although I think we'll all agree that slavery is wrong). That flag means different things to different people, and if you see it flying proudly in the Southern breeze, don't immediately assume the person flying it is a white supremacist. For some people it's just as synonymous with liberty as the "drinking gourd" the black slaves followed to freedom.

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