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Geography Joke


Geography Joke

An old joke that just didn’t work with the usual characters.

I know some people won’t get it, and all I will say to help you along is: Please notice what Sweden and Finland looks like together without Norway. ;)
That was actually what early euros looked like because Norway isn't in the EU. :XD:

Åland got it's own flag because he is a fairly big character in the usual comics.

23rd September 2010

11 hours ago #9135721      

ok i promiss thiss isnt what i meant when i siad "Finland has balls"

1 month ago #9109199      

You need uuuuus - the guitar!

1 month ago #9108060      

It's been said that the Scandinavian countries together looks like an old lady or something, I never saw that. Weird

2 months ago #9098777      

Oh Denmark he may protest but we know he loves it <3

(Also I love the way this comic came out)

2 months ago #9097212      

@00joe01 but I find it funny that no one will explain it


14 M
2 months ago #9096913      

@DanishAmerican123 Agree with you.

2 months ago #9092567      

dont get it

2 months ago #9080732      

In Finland, we think Finland on its own looks like a woman with an outstretched arm. That's why we call it "Suomineito" a.k.a. "Maiden of Finland". XD


16 F
3 months ago #9049305      

I'm never gonna look at a map the same way again...

4 months ago #9048677      


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