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Golden Dawn

Paris was very beautiful, but the smell of urine just saturated the place. When I talked about it on the internet a few people responded with, "Even the airport smells like pee :C"
I have no idea what the Frenchmen are up to at night, but it must be fun. XD

Technically the flag on Brother France should be mirrored because we see him from the back, but no doubt people wouldn't notice and keep asking me why it was the wrong way.

20th October 2012

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19 M
2 months ago #9352220        

Paris was known as dog poo city for awhile where I live, it would seem it's just feces-ville then (the one time I was in Paris I was sick so couldn't smell a thing)

3 months ago #9350807        

Yep, this comic is sadly true


23 M
3 months ago #9349686        

As french... I hate Paris. Never wanted to live in this city, to many people, to many smoke, to many cars, to many stress... yup I prefer campaign. Cause yes, for parisian every thing in France that's not in Paris is campaign. I'm more close to Belgium, better weather in North.


14 M
4 months ago #9337906        

Same in the older part of Bucharest, smells the same...


4 months ago #9329367        


5 months ago #9326251        

The snail! XD
"It never stops!"
I'm dying!!


15 F
5 months ago #9321347        

@Diogo xD Yeah, you could ask for that...


16 M
5 months ago #9321326        

@6ArTrA6 Men? :3


15 F
6 months ago #9303168        

Women, food, and buildings. What more could you ask for?

6 months ago #9297575        

There is a law in Paris that is refereed to as "the man's right to pee" that came about, if my information is correct, because of a belief that it is unhealthy for a male to hold their bladder. My friend that discovered this bit of trivia said that he was talking in Paris and this guy whipped it out and started peeing right in front of a group of nuns, being Catholic and having American sensibilities about human anatomy there was a touch of outrage on his face. And I being Catholic and understanding that everyone pees and has some sort of genitalia found the story quite funny.

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