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Golden Dawn


Golden Dawn

Paris was very beautiful, but the smell of urine just saturated the place. When I talked about it on the internet a few people responded with, "Even the airport smells like pee :C"
I have no idea what the Frenchmen are up to at night, but it must be fun. XD

Technically the flag on Brother France should be mirrored because we see him from the back, but no doubt people wouldn't notice and keep asking me why it was the wrong way.

20th October 2012

3 months ago #9184105        

French food is awesome...

4 months ago #9163438        

And dead animals if you go certain places (i.e those dead rats on the metro lines)

4 months ago #9163433        

You guys smelled pee? I smelled nothing but cigarette smoke...

4 months ago #9154875        

oh the metero is awfull! when i smell pee i always associate it with that.

4 months ago #9150971        

I never want to visit France. I really don't see the appeal. And hasn't anybody seen Taken, no thanks.

6 months ago #9121351        

No escaping the pee!
Also @CharlesXl, you are So RIGHT!
(sad, but it's true)


36 F
6 months ago #9109055        

I don't remember that. But I didn't go there during the summer, perhaps that is why.

6 months ago #9106498        

Poor, poor snail.
Actually if you ever go down the seine the water and the bridges all smell like urine (:<

7 months ago #9086527        

Hey, why is that man wearing a sideways Dutch flag? ;p

8 months ago #9067612        

So I guess Paris smells like the dark and dubious alleyways in my town then...

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