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Golden Dawn


Golden Dawn

Paris was very beautiful, but the smell of urine just saturated the place. When I talked about it on the internet a few people responded with, "Even the airport smells like pee :C"
I have no idea what the Frenchmen are up to at night, but it must be fun. XD

Technically the flag on Brother France should be mirrored because we see him from the back, but no doubt people wouldn't notice and keep asking me why it was the wrong way.

20th October 2012


15 F
22 days ago #9303168        

Women, food, and buildings. What more could you ask for?

1 month ago #9297575        

There is a law in Paris that is refereed to as "the man's right to pee" that came about, if my information is correct, because of a belief that it is unhealthy for a male to hold their bladder. My friend that discovered this bit of trivia said that he was talking in Paris and this guy whipped it out and started peeing right in front of a group of nuns, being Catholic and having American sensibilities about human anatomy there was a touch of outrage on his face. And I being Catholic and understanding that everyone pees and has some sort of genitalia found the story quite funny.


30 M
1 month ago #9296630        

I'm French, living in Paris.

True indeed, the smelt of Paris is not so good. However, it has many reasons.
Of course, some people pee.
But there are other facts like : the metro itself, the cleaning products, the underground's sulfur,...
So even without the few rude people peeing, it would smell almost the same :/

(in french :

2 months ago #9287331        

Hungarian reporting in.
Lived there. Totally agree. This post is 100% accurate. When asked what's Paris like, I usually answer jokingly, "Oh you know, pretty much like Vienna or Budapest, only you can put out your junk and take a pee, like anywhere".

Seriously though, really awesome city. Go visit it. And dear Humon, if you liked Paris, come visit Budapest sometime. I'm sure there's like a lot of us here who would gladly buy you a beer and show you around and stuff. It would be hilarious to get to know how a Nord gal sees us.


22 M
2 months ago #9287075        

As a French too, I have to admit that Paris is not the most "Flower Scented" city of the country.
I mean: the biggest city in France, with so much bars, cafés and nightclub... Somehow, what you drink has to come out a day or another.
So, then, many places smell like pee.

But we got the same in other cities: you REALLY don't want to cross the way of the drunk students on a Thursday evening. At best, you just get some sound (and a fresh breath of vodka), at worst...
Well, your shoes are much better with a little coating of freshly regurgitated Whisky-cola.

But still, the country is "clean". Just... Don't look at it too closely.
Ah, the Latin way of life.


16 F
2 months ago #9279553        

I'm French and I can tell you that whenever I go to Paris I hate to take the métro because some people are more or less living there (and rats too, in the tunnels). But it's not enough to stop me :) And there are lots of other places to see

2 months ago #9275708        

I cannot believe people's outrage with visiting France on this forum, yet I am positive so many "dream" of visiting large cities in China or India.

3 months ago #9261331        

@Oignonne It's not that I don't like their culture, I just don't want to visit. I don't dislike the French people at all, unlike most Americans for some reason. In fact, I am quite interested in French language and culture. The Taken reference was more of just a joke really. But also, I'm sure if the opportunity arose I would visit, but not Paris that's for sure. I just won't go out of my way to visit France that's all.

4 months ago #9260622        

@FinlandRules I partly agree, as I see Taken quite a good (and, sad but true, even realistic nowadays) movie about what's going on in modern Paris. When I was 17 and visited in Paris for the first time I used to love it, but after I continued my visits during the next years I haven't particularly liked that city and nowadays I even despise it. However, there are parts of France where athmosphere is very far from Paris, I for example love French countryside and Provence. From the biggest cities, Lyon is the only one I still like very much. Ofcourse, if someone also doesn't like French culture, then even those traditional countryside locations probably won't feel any better places for him. But from the reference to Taken I just got an image that your biggest reason not to like France is something else than its traditional culture.

7 months ago #9184105        

French food is awesome...

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