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Highest Points


Highest Points

Well, it speaks for itself.

I almost put Greenland in with it's 3.694,00 meters but didn't want to steal Norway's spotlight.
Thinking about it, I might do another one including Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Ă…land.

31st July 2010

30 days ago #9113713      

*Looks down at Norway from the Canadian mountains* Those are some nice hills you got there.

1 month ago #9110463      

Base-jumping is the coolest thing ever!

Iceland manages to stay cute all the time.

1 month ago #9110196      

and the funny part is, that the highest point in denmark is called "himmelbjerget" (the sky mountain)

1 month ago #9109402      

Hell yeah!
I live in Bergen, the city inbetween 7 mountains ^^

2 months ago #9098609      

Maybe its better that Denmark isn't on top =3 I bet if he saw the bird he would fall of from fight XD


14 M
2 months ago #9096877      

I think Norway stole Greenland's place in the spotlight.

2 months ago #9092686      

@ehkrickor yes me too

3 months ago #9067045      

I need to visit Norway! Love mountains ever since i worked at Philmont

3 months ago #9065641      

mountains.... not Danish thing

3 months ago #9049518      

@Iceisgood Is this the headquarters...? Gentlemen, the Icelanders have called our bluff.

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