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Well, it speaks for itself.

I almost put Greenland in with it's 3.694,00 meters but didn't want to steal Norway's spotlight.
Thinking about it, I might do another one including Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Ă…land.

31st July 2010

17 days ago #9283824        

I'm mostly Icelandic, and I have an ancestor who's been up Iceland's highest point, Hvannadalshnúkur.

2 months ago #9261333        

I went to Norway to visit my grandparents last spring. Greatest month of my life


25 M
3 months ago #9248317        

Faroe Islands 888m. Woohoo!

6 months ago #9176898        

Ah well, at least this, coupled with Denmark being very small, means it's pretty much impossible to get lost in Denmark. No matter where you are, you are never "in the middle of nowhere".


16 M
7 months ago #9162176        

@MizzNina I was referring to it as a joke, oh well, but still that sounds rather chilly. Winter isn't very pleasant when a blizzard could pass straight into your home with little delay.


25 F
7 months ago #9161666        

@Sigmatic Yes Denmark is pretty much flat. The sothern parts of Sweden (scania) is very flat as well. Wich has it's negative sides, like windy winters. The wind is crazy cold and you have no hills to stop them.

7 months ago #9158695        

Do one with ALL the countries, Humon!


16 M
8 months ago #9146869        

So does this mean Denmark is flat?

8 months ago #9145937        

Why is Sweden encouraging Finland


15 M
8 months ago #9141593        

*looks up at Canada and Chilean mountains "can i join you guys?"

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