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Highest Points

Highest Points

Well, it speaks for itself.

I almost put Greenland in with it's 3.694,00 meters but didn't want to steal Norway's spotlight.
Thinking about it, I might do another one including Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Ă…land.

1st August 2010

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18 M
5 days ago #9361138        

What you have are anthills compared to what they have in the Himalayas.

15 days ago #9358646        

Those are anthills compared to what we got in America.

2 months ago #9345286        

Wow. Even my own country the Netherlands, a country with its name even lampshading the lack of high places, has a highest point that is higher than Denmark's (322.7 m).

2 months ago #9339090        

@Xarsor we are all waiting for it.


2 months ago #9336194        

Please do that one with Åland, Faroe and Greenland.

3 months ago #9326428        

Hahah, i live much higher than Denmarks highest place

3 months ago #9325655        

Welcome to Denmark, our highest point is a tiny hill...
*Cries in a corner*


21 M
3 months ago #9324565        

Sweden looks like a smug ass even when trying to be nice haha


16 F
4 months ago #9322214        

Poor Denmark


25 M
4 months ago #9311844        

Slættaratindur is 880 meters tall, which isn't really all that much.. Still better than "Himmelbjerget" :P

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