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I Need Mountains


I Need Mountains

Just a little quickie, because the other day I was reminded of a funny thing that happened to me a few months ago.

A pair of Americans came into the hospital, and when I found out they were Americans I had to ask them what they were doing in Denmark, seeing as we don’t have a whole lot to come after. They then explained that they had heard that Scandinavia had great skiing conditions, and that the flight to Denmark had been the cheapest, so that was what they had come for: Skiing. Great was their disappointment then, when they flew over Denmark and noticed that there was no snow, and not a single mountain in sight.
Yes, of all the Scandinavian countries they choose the one country that has no mountains. At all. :)

Anyway, this is my stereotype version of America (It should be noted that all countries in these little comics will be made from a Scandinavian point of view). He is a tall guy because everything in America has to be BIG. He is well trained and toned and has dyed his hair blond because to us Americans seem obsessed with their looks, yet he is not a health-freak (Either that or they’re ridiculously fat). And he is rather clueless about the other countries. :XD:

7th July 2009

28 days ago #9114754      

Lol so true...

1 month ago #9110999      

Umm, @dalekkitehs? Yeah learn how to take a joke. I'm an american and I agree with this personification. Most people know that not all Americans are like this. It's just a silly stereotype.

1 month ago #9110021      

Ehem! Americans are NOT that bad. We aren't ALL fat, not too many Americans are mean, and where the hell did you come up with americans constantly partying, eating and drinking?! Don't judge America before you've seen it WELL. Honestly... I don't even like being human, I dislike being american somewhat, but you (Fannie) saying that is downright cruel. By what you just said, I doubt you've even MET an american!


31 F
1 month ago #9109731      

Lol. I agree, except that there r two types of americans, those who r obsessed w exercise and look, maybe partying here and there, and those who focus on eating, drinking, partying, hence fat bellies. Yes most r vain, obsessed w appearance, but a lot of them just dont care w how they look at all! They are clueless about other countries, that is spot on.

1 month ago #9106381      

You're personification of America... is perfect.

2 months ago #9091947      

Yeah. this is americans. spot on.

2 months ago #9089816      

sorry America


21 O
2 months ago #9076110      

This is hilarious! XD Silly America!

3 months ago #9071707      

we have bornholm

3 months ago #9071151      

It's kind of weird seeing america like this.

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