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I Need Mountains

I Need Mountains

Just a little quickie, because the other day I was reminded of a funny thing that happened to me a few months ago.

A pair of Americans came into the hospital, and when I found out they were Americans I had to ask them what they were doing in Denmark, seeing as we don’t have a whole lot to come after. They then explained that they had heard that Scandinavia had great skiing conditions, and that the flight to Denmark had been the cheapest, so that was what they had come for: Skiing. Great was their disappointment then, when they flew over Denmark and noticed that there was no snow, and not a single mountain in sight.
Yes, of all the Scandinavian countries they choose the one country that has no mountains. At all. :)

Anyway, this is my stereotype version of America (It should be noted that all countries in these little comics will be made from a Scandinavian point of view). He is a tall guy because everything in America has to be BIG. He is well trained and toned and has dyed his hair blond because to us Americans seem obsessed with their looks, yet he is not a health-freak (Either that or they’re ridiculously fat). And he is rather clueless about the other countries. :XD:

8th July 2009
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5 days ago #9340786        

I so wish I could deny accuracy. Can I deny association? >.>


26 M
2 months ago #9311344        

love this comic
everything said is usually true


15 F
3 months ago #9303464        

Is it just me, or do Denmark's eyes look weird?


15 F
3 months ago #9298738        

XD So true, I know so many people who would do this!



20 F
6 months ago #9254841        

In the Netherlands they don't have mountains either, am I right? I'll miss the mountains...

7 months ago #9235479        

As someone who lives in the Midwestern US, the stereotype of us is pretty accurate. Kinda sad image of us, but pretty accurate nonetheless.

Also, America's hair used to be REALLY short!

8 months ago #9223189        

Two things:

1: Denmark looks stoned out of his mind in this comic, and I somehow forgot that face. Now it'll be in my nightmares for the rest of my life.

2: I'm not sure if anyone other than me has even seen the 1996 film version of Hamlet, but did anyone else notice it snowed all the damn time? And at the end of Act 3, there were a shitload of mountains in the background.

What the hell, Hollywood?


31 M
9 months ago #9186760        

@dalekkittehs: This stereotype has a lot of truth about it. I mean, I lived in your wonderful country for a couple of years, and I encountered the most curious questions regarding my origins. I can understand how someone could confuse Munich and Berlin, I can even understand that someone might not know that not every German wears Lederhosen or that we don't call Angela Merkel Führer (assuming they even know that Germany has a female leader now)... But I remember talking to a professor at Harward (!!!) university who told me the grand story as how he once walked from Stuttgart to Moscow in 2 hours... So, sorry, as for someone who actually has met plenty of Americans (and even married one) the stereotype that the common American is pretty ignorant about anything OUTSIDE of the USA is not far from the truth. Heck, my sister-in-law has in 5 years of me being married to her sister still not quite understood that Baden-Württemberg is not a US state.

10 months ago #9163633        

I am a US citizen (I'd rather spare the rest of the American continents this humiliation) but here is how bad it is. When asked what her favorite country was, my daughter replied, "Sweden, no, Germany, no, Wales...I can't decide!!!" The kid next to her said, "Mine's Kentucky."

11 months ago #9151539        

I know this comic is 4, almost 5 years old, and anyone who comes across this is either from outside the US or might get offended because they are from the US. So from someone who lives in the States and LOVES the States to everyone else, I apologize for my thin-skinned countrymen who propagate the OTHER Stereotype that we are also easily offended and say I find the ridiculous way this artist portrays not only us Americans, but also everyone else, as absolutely hilarious. And to all y'all 'Mericans who read this, Come on guys (*cough* @dalekkittehs *cough*), every stereotype has a grain of truth in it, they aren't 100% true across the board (*cough* @Fannie *cough*), but we have to be able to laugh at ourselves. Otherwise you're probably a miserable person and you probably shouldn't be reading this comic. Just sayin'. ;)

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