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Im a Doctor


Im a Doctor

Most of the Doctor Who series from 2005 to now is being filmed in Wales.

18th December 2013

1 day ago #9133663      

I love Dr Who sooo much! It's great god dammit! ;D :D


23 M
12 days ago #9127272      

I cried tears of laughter just now.

18 days ago #9122979      

@CharlesXI YeY, Dr is putting Wales in the map.

18 days ago #9122340      

Some day :)
Dr who will take over!!!! >_<

28 days ago #9114414      

I kinda want to see something about America's inner fanboy whipser to Wales , Japan and England about Doctor Who, Anime (fill in anaime title here) , and Harry Potter.

1 month ago #9104313      


1 month ago #9104311      

Dr.Who + America = \o/ <3 <3 <3
/ \

1 month ago #9103955      

America's face in the end:3

1 month ago #9102778      

Could you please make t-shirt of this

1 month ago #9102641      

Dr who is more than just a great TV series
It's a religion!!!!!

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