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Im a Doctor


Im a Doctor

Most of the Doctor Who series from 2005 to now is being filmed in Wales.

18th December 2013

2 days ago #9138839      

Everything is filmed in Wales now XDDD

6 days ago #9136256      


7 days ago #9135561      

@CharlesXI yes. i do. it's my mother language. I also does speak German and Spanish.

7 days ago #9135548      

Do you speak Portuguese ?

7 days ago #9135521      

@CharlesXI I did that cause, I'm very different from almost all brazilians. and I don't want people to use prejudice against me. first of all: I hate HUEHUEHUE. it sucks hard, dry and it's rude. I hate football, I hate Samba, and Carnival and almost everything is said aboput Brazil. and no. I do not live in a jungle or rain forest. I live in a urban city. I love snow. and tea. and hate coffe. I'm soo diferent that I have a friend who spontainoasly said:You really can't be Brazilian you are much more close to an English and Japanese. so have those things in mind

7 days ago #9135509      

Nice to know. I'm now scared of Brazil after a Scottish taxi driver got murdered in Rio but I'm not scared of friends ;)

7 days ago #9135501      

Okay, I was waiting for you to discover but I must say. I'm not Welsh. I'm Brazilian. I have a reason to put the Welsh flag, but I honestely am not Welsh. Just that. all the other things I told you was complete true. expect you don't get angry at me,eh.

7 days ago #9135433      

Two different subjects my little Welsh saint you :)

7 days ago #9135402      

@CharlesXI Well, I love almost all their musics. So I don't have a favourite music. and sorry what does Owain Glynd┼Ár does have to do with the Beatles?

7 days ago #9135218      

Me too!!!!!!!
What's your favourite song? Did you know they've sold more albums than anyone else!
I'm glad your a fan of them too to little Owen Glendwr!

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