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Kindred Spirits


Kindred Spirits

Somewhere Sweden is doing a perfect evil laugh. :XD:

Lately a lot of people have drawn their versions of Sister Japan, so I thought it was about time I introduced her before too many people got disappointed that she doesn’t look as awesome as they imagined.

She’s very polite and quiet, but underneath it all she is quite the fangirl.

Belgium is well known for it’s comics and candy/deserts, so he is a geek with a sweet tooth. :D

18th July 2010

4 days ago #9266560        

@DeadlyLittleKate That's true, I hadn't thought about that.

1 month ago #9250775        

Well, belguim was once part of the netherlands, so that they are paired is not weird, but, well, there is a lot of friendly hate towarts each other. Sooooo, yeah.

1 month ago #9246667        

The truth I like Denmark x Norway and Aland x Sweden but I don't ship Netherlands x Belgium because I think they're biologically siblings


25 M
2 months ago #9239709        

Gotta agree with Denmark... Oddly turned on

4 months ago #9189380        

@Canadaforeverandever White Americans are known for patting themselves on the back for 'doing good' or 'helping' marginalized groups....

5 months ago #9158682        

"Yeah, it's pretty awesome when I notice people." Exactly HOW stupid are you, Sister America?

6 months ago #9155224        

why am i paired with the geek... haha

6 months ago #9139194        

Netherlands and Belgium look hilarious together!

7 months ago #9119794        

Fact Time! Norway reads the most comics (after Japan).


31 F
8 months ago #9106247        

Not all jp manga is about BL! The best ones are very diverse and really touching, and preferrably no BL or GL, yaoi, yuri, shounen ai or shoujo ai for me. Im not homophobic, i just dont like them in my manga!

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