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Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

Somewhere Sweden is doing a perfect evil laugh. :XD:

Lately a lot of people have drawn their versions of Sister Japan, so I thought it was about time I introduced her before too many people got disappointed that she doesn’t look as awesome as they imagined.

She’s very polite and quiet, but underneath it all she is quite the fangirl.

Belgium is well known for it’s comics and candy/deserts, so he is a geek with a sweet tooth. :D

19th July 2010

Tagged in Japan Netherlands Norway America Belgium Denmark

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2 days ago #9376613        

Made me giggle. :)


15 F
23 days ago #9367965        


1 month ago #9362032        

I can totally understand them I'd do the same xD

1 month ago #9360986        

@SvalTheBard Really? I'm glad you liked it! :3


1 month ago #9360984        

@ElBichoRaro Your voice is exactly as I imagined hers would be!

1 month ago #9360489        

I am Swedish. As I was reading this comic, I started to laugh evily, then I read the line about somewhere sweden is Doing a perfect evil laugh.

I had no choice but to register.


14 F
1 month ago #9360304        

I really like Sister America and Sister Japan's.. um... friendship.

2 months ago #9354375        

Thank you for spelling the Japanese words properly and using the proper terms. it drives me nuts when people call manga, "comics." O_O

4 months ago #9336480        


I can't believe I was chosen as Sister Japan's voice! O_O

4 months ago #9332180        

Oh. I thought Belguim was holding Calculus homework...

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